“Sorry Mr. President we are just doing our job”

19 June 2012 When president Koroma threatened to turn on the screw on sections of the media during a speech at an event in Freetown, organised by the government’s own Open Government Initiative, there was widespread disquiet and consternation. Although there have been ugly cases of harassment and police brutality [Read More]


“Sierra Leone is losing about $29 million a year to illegal fishing operators” – stealing from the poor

Alinah O. Bockarie 17 June 2012 “We have set the records straight! Any vessel that wants to fish on our waters must do so through the right channel and comply with the laws of Sierra Leone,” says Salieu Sankoh, the National Project Coordinator of WARFP-SL (West Africa Regional Fisheries Project [Read More]


President Koroma launches Coroner’s Inquest into Police murders

14 June 2012 When unemployed local youths and school children in deprived neighbourhoods, decide to become active citizens and play vital role in the protection of their communities against rampant crime, they ought to be supported by the State. What is unacceptable is for the State Security Force to turn [Read More]

News in Perspective

“To strengthen the global economy we should look to Africa, one of the fastest growing regions in the world” – says Hilary Clinton

14 June 2012 Yesterday, 13 June, 2012, the US Secretary of State – Hilary Clinton, welcomed more than 60 young African leaders to the ‘Innovation Summit and Mentoring Partnership’ in Washington. The three-week long professional development program is sponsored by the U.S. Government in collaboration with the implementing partner – Meridian [Read More]

Economy & Business

Presidential hopeful – Maada Bio speaks about the global economy and Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 June 2012 Bio’s international stature and statesmanship had a significant boost yesterday, when he spoke to global financial and industrial leaders at the 18th Conference of Montreal, organized by the International Economic Forum of the Americas, in Canada. Julius Maada Bio – is a former president [Read More]


“Elections in November will be peaceful” – says National Democratic Alliance’s presidential candidate

11 June 2012 With the dark and ominous clouds of bad policing and poor police supervision, darkening the horizon of what should be a free and fair election in Sierra Leone in November, 2012, there is still hope for the will and resolve of the people to be heard. The [Read More]


Disgruntled youths – big headache for president Koroma’s electoral ambition in November

9 June 2012 In the wake of disturbing violence and rioting, which led to the shooting of two unarmed youths in the eastern district of Freetown last Tuesday, a political row is said to have erupted between the senior officers of the police force and key government ministers. It is [Read More]