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Sierra Leone opposition politician Alie Kabba denied bail and sent to prison

December 31, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 9

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 December 2015 Alie Kabba was arrested in his home in Freetown last night and taken to Pademba Road prison, where he was locked up overnight before appearing at the magistrate court in Freetown today. But after almost seven hours in court answering to the charge of [Read More]


Kandeh Yumkella’s successful tour of Freetown and southern Sierra Leone

December 31, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 11

Alan Luke – KKY (UK and Ireland) Communications Team Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 December 2015 As the night of the long knives descended on State House with the dismissal of several senior cabinet ministers, and fire raged at Electricity House, one would be forgiven to think that dark clouds perpetually hang [Read More]

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SLPP presidential aspirant Alie Kabba appearing in court in Freetown

December 31, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 8

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 December 2015 The outspoken opposition politician Alie Kabba, who was arrested a week ago by the Sierra Leone police, is appearing in court this morning to answer charges of alleged bigamy brought by his divorced wife – local government minister Diana Konomanyi. The couple got married [Read More]


Did the attorney general of Sierra Leone sign his own letter of dismissal?

December 30, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 December 2015 Four months ago, on the 16th of August 2015 to be precise, the Sierra Leone Telegraph published an article titled: ‘Sierra Leone attorney general’s position is now untenable’, and many thought it was a big joke. And we concluded by asking this simple, though [Read More]

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Fire at Sierra Leone electricity head office in Freetown

December 29, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 3

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 December 2015   The fifth floor of the office of the electricity supply and billing company in Freetown is still smouldering this evening, after fire broke out in the early hours of the morning. It is not clear what started the fire, but suspicions are rife. [Read More]

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President Koroma of Sierra Leone sacks senior ministers

December 28, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 8

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 December 2015 ‘Out with the old and in with the new, as the New Year rolls.’ President Koroma has this afternoon sacked some of his most senior, closest and trusted ministers in a surprise and unexpected shakeup of his cabinet. In a typical move reminiscent of [Read More]


2015 has exposed the cluelessness of Sierra Leone’s leadership

December 27, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 5

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 December 2015                I am aware that most readers are busy recovering from the weekend’s festivities and thinking of the merriment to usher out our annus horribilis – 2015. Either in marking the two celebrations and in welcoming 2016 in particular, you must have [Read More]

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Sierra Leone presidential hopeful Alie Kabba sends Christmas greetings to all 

December 26, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 December 2015 My fellow citizens, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas! On this auspicious day, we are once again reminded of the felicitous and tolerant spirit of Sierra Leoneans as we, Christians and Muslims, prayerfully and jubilantly celebrate this wonderful and [Read More]

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Several injured in Sierra Leone and 100 dead in Nigeria – gas explosion

December 26, 2015 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 December 2015 Christmas celebrations in the east of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone came to an abrupt end yesterday, when fire engulfed a Safecon petrol station located in the Shell Company area of Kissy. Reports from the scene said that several people were injured and [Read More]