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Rising poverty in Sierra Leone – voters must vote for regime change

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 March 2018: In 2012 – five years after elected as president – and his ruling APC party formed a government, on an agenda that promised change and prosperity, Sierra Leone began to crumble. The economy was in decline, despite huge one-off investments by African Minerals and [Read More]

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Sierra Leone election run-off – Yumkella must not remain neutral

Author: John Mannah: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 March 2018: It is an empirical fact that the progressive movement has always been part of the Sierra Leonean political, governmental and economic systems.  As such, they have always weighed in, spoken up with pragmatism on the ills and challenges that plague the [Read More]

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Sierra Leone presidential election run-off – dilemma for Yumkella NGC

Author: Yusuf Bangura: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 March 2018: The presidential candidate of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) – Kandeh Yumkella, last week announced that his party is engaged in consultations with its supporters, on the position it should adopt for the presidential run-off election, scheduled for next Tuesday, March [Read More]

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Sierra Leone Electoral Commission targets NGC votes in Kambia

Louis Brima Conteh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 March 2018: Reports from Kambia indicate that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has again requested for a re-count of votes in Kambia District – the same district that Kandeh Yumkella, NGC presidential nominee and parliamentary candidate for Constituency 62, won overwhelmingly by decimating [Read More]

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We are black Chinese – says the ruling APC as they seek re-election

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 March 2018: Elections in Sierra Leone that are currently underway, have thrown up some of the most bizarre campaign strategies and tactics ever seen in the nation’s history. The Chinese backed ruling APC party proudly referring to its leaders and supporters as Black Chinese, are not [Read More]


Why China’s removal of term limits is a gift to African despots

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 March 2018: The recent sitting of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) rolled out a big surprise development: a proposed removal of presidential term limits. This came among a raft of other constitutional amendments. The two-term limit had been instituted in 1982 by Deng Xiaoping after his experience [Read More]

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A resilient duopoly? Understanding Sierra Leone’s March 7, 2018 elections

Yusuf Bangura: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 March, 2018: If the results released by the National Electoral Commission are credible, 57.3% of Sierra Leoneans rejected the All People’s Congress (APC) in the March 7 presidential election, despite its advantage of incumbency, super rallies and use of extraordinarily huge resources in the [Read More]