SLPP must focus on voter registration and not be distracted

April 10, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Yusuf Keketoma Sandi Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 April 2017 I listened to the recent interview of my friend, lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tejan Sie on Mamba TV about the injunction granted against the SLPP. I was more disappointed when he spoke as a party member than on the legal issues, as [Read More]


Yumkella and Maada Bio must take the high road for the sake of SLPP – A point of view

April 8, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Dr. Columba Blango Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2017 The injunction granted by the Appeal Court yesterday April 7, 2017, has given our party a great opportunity to settle our problems speedily and amicably. We have three weeks before the May 2nd date for oral arguments, and perhaps three to [Read More]


SLPP UK Ireland executives call for peace and unity in the Sierra Leone People’s Party

January 12, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

SLPP UK and Ireland Branch Secretariat Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 January 2017 Following the recent and persistent spate of gross indiscipline and wanton insubordination, culminating in the political infamy of 17th December 2016, we, the bona–fide members of the SLPP United Kingdom and Ireland Region wish it be known by [Read More]

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Sierra Leone agriculture – An engine for economic growth

October 11, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

John Baimba Sesay – China Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 October 2016 The world over, especially in Asian nations like China and Vietnam, the agriculture sector remains an important economic activity. Vietnam for instance has made huge achievements in her agriculture sector, contributing to food security and economic development, being one [Read More]

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Sierra Leone – perspectives of a broken economy

October 10, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 3

Dr Jonathan Bonopha Tengbe Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 October 2016 It is perhaps an understatement to say that our economy is in a total mess. All indicators of economic performance are heading rapidly in negative directions: the value of the Leone is falling daily against the dollar and other international [Read More]


Sierra Leone government austerity announcement does not tell the whole story

October 9, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 8

Dr Julius Spencer Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 October 2016 Today, I was going to continue my discourse on changing our political system, but I have decided to suspend this and come back to it next week because of the austerity measures that the government announced recently. (Photo: Dr. Julius Spencer). [Read More]


Sierra Leone economic meltdown – the signs were on the wall

October 7, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 3

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 October 2016 Much has been said about the current economic disaster facing the people of Sierra Leone. But for many commentators, the signs have been on the wall, even before the Ebola epidemic. The Koroma ruling APC party and government, have been in profound denial, burying [Read More]


Sierra Leone government austerity against the poor – Alie Kabba speaks out

October 6, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 8

Alie Kabba – Presidential aspirant 2018 Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 October 2015 On Monday, 3rd October, 2016, following a hasty cabinet meeting, the APC government issued  a State House Press Release unveiling a series of measures that they plan to implement in the hope of managing an increasingly hopeless situation. [Read More]