Tips for safe driving in Sierra Leone during the festive season

December 21, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Victor Mengot Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 December 2016 If you look at the pages of the newspapers in most African countries today, one will notice the high rate of road accidents, especially during the festive seasons. The main cause is that there is an increase in pedestrian movement, vehicle traffic, [Read More]


African governments can improve health outcomes and quality of life

November 26, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 November 2016 The people of Africa may invariably be better off today economically and socially than they were sixty years ago – with an increase in average income per person and higher rate of literacy. But health outcomes continue to significantly lag behind their Asian and [Read More]


Sierra Leone commemorating the first anniversary marking the end of Ebola 

November 7, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Dennis Kabatto Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 November 2016 The government and people of Sierra Leone will observe a three minutes silence today, Monday, November 7, to commemorate the first anniversary of the declaration of the end of the Ebola virus disease in the country by the World Health Organization (WHO). [Read More]


Hypertension – why the approach to tackling the silent killer has changed

May 21, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 4

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 May 2016 Globally about 22% of adults over the age of 18 suffer from hypertension, according to statistics from the World Health Organisation in 2014. But in Africa, this figure is higher and sits at 30%. In Sierra Leone there is no record of the number of people [Read More]


British nurse Pauline Cafferkey back in hospital with Ebola complications

February 23, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 3

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 February 2016   British nurse Pauline Cafferkey who contracted the Ebola virus in December 2014, whilst working in Sierra Leone, but treated and declared Ebola free in London, has once again been flown back from her home in Scotland to an isolation unit at the Royal [Read More]


Female circumcision – women must have the right to choose – says Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu

February 8, 2016 Abdul Rashid Thomas 28

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 February 2015 Recently, a senior minister in the Koroma government of Sierra Leone – the Minister of Gender and Social Welfare – Moijueh Kaikai, said unequivocally that female circumcision will not be abolished, echoing the views of most politicians,and perhaps that of millions of people up [Read More]


Sierra Leone holds her breath as British Ebola free nurse goes back into hospital

October 9, 2015 Abdul R Thomas 3

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 October 2015 The people of Sierra Leone are today holding their breath as news of British nurse – Pauline Cafferkey who contracted the Ebola virus in December 2014, whilst working in Sierra Leone, but treated and declared Ebola free in London, was early this morning flown [Read More]


New case of Ebola in Sierra Leone as Liberia is declared Ebola free once again

September 6, 2015 Abdul R Thomas 2

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 September 2015 There are reports from Kambia in Sierra Leone this weekend, of one of the contacts of the woman who died of Ebola over a week ago in the district, also found to be Ebola positive. This tragic news comes as neighbouring Liberia is for [Read More]