Sierra Leone’s Anti-graft agency reacts to allegations in campaign group report

Nabillahi-Musa Kamara

Director – National Anti-Corruption Strategy Secretariat

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 January 2017

The attention of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been drawn to a publication titled:“CHRDI Condemns the ACC and urges government to do more to fight corruption;”authored by the Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), which purported to have concluded a study on the national fight against corruption.

In another publication, CHRDI claims that the ACC has not published audited accounts in the past ten years.

The ACC wishes to state that these reports are misleading, malicious, and unfounded. ACC has no records of any CHRDI researcher speaking to any of its officials on the issues raised.

Furthermore, the facts and figures on the programs and operations of the ACC are contained in its annual reports and National Annual Audit Reports. It seems obvious that either CHRDI did not read these reports, or chose to ignore them.

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Rights group CHRDI alleges serious corruption within the Sierra Leone Anti -Corruption Commission 

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 January 2017

Rights advocacy group in Sierra Leone – Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), last week published what it says is a damning report alleging serious corruption within the country’s anti-graft agency – the ACC.

According to the CHRDI report, “…the ACC has been engaged in shady activities, which the Commission is yet to provide satisfactory explanations for. There is a strong public suspicion that the commission is in the habit of diverting recovered looted funds into private ownership.”

Speaking to CHRDI about the allegations contained in their report, the Chief Executive of CHRDI – Mr. Abdul Fatoma, told the Sierra Leone Telegraph that CHRDI stands by every word written in their report.

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