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Sierra Leoneans go to the polls in November 2012: Will youth unemployment matter?

January 10, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

ALPHA KAWUSU Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 January 2012 Growing youth unemployment in Sierra Leone will have a negative impact on voter turnout for the ruling All People’s Congress in November. Although the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party has yet to convince voters that it has a better agenda for the [Read More]


Higher government spending left Sierra Leone’s economy weaker in 2011

January 7, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Abdul R Thomas – Editor, The Sierra Leone Telegraph   On Tuesday, 11 January 2011, Parliament granted the request of the Minister of Finance to withdraw over Le547 Billion from the country’s Consolidated Fund. According to the Minister, this withdrawal was needed, “for the purpose of meeting expenditure, necessary to carry [Read More]


Will Sierra Leone’s economy grow by 50% in 2012?

January 7, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Abdul R Thomas Editor – The Sierra Leone Telegraph The furore and strong condemnation of the government’s role in the Timbergate corruption scandal, involving the country’s vice president – Sam Sumana, exposed by the Aljazeera TV documentary, was almost drowned out by an equally controversial statement, made to parliament by [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s Information Ministry’s impressive performance

January 7, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

John Baimba Sesay – Beijing, China 7 January 2012 Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States (1981–1989). He has always been remembered as the great communicator, as a result of his simple ability to speak to the hearts of Americans and connect with the people. The oratory [Read More]


The poverty of democracy in Sierra Leone

January 6, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Alpha Kawusu 6 January 2012 Many political pundits believe that a swift consolidation of democratic institutions naturally follows the establishment of a democratic regime. While this may be the case in many political formations, the Sierra Leonean experience has been different as an antiquated administrative and bureaucratic culture has failed [Read More]


SLAJ boss threatens libel suit over thought provoking piece

January 6, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Theophilus Sahr Gbenda 6 January 2012 The Regional Chairman -North, of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), Stanley Bangura, who now officially doubles as Media Consultant for Addax Bioenergy Limited, has threatened to warrant a libel suit in respect of an article published under the byline above, in which [Read More]


Welcome 2012 – the need for a “New Direction” in Sierra Leone

January 5, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie (SLPP Secretary General) 5 January 2012  Sierra Leoneans woke up on Sunday, 1st January 2012 to welcome the most crucial and momentous year since the end of the rebel war. For the first time in our budding democracy, the 2012 elections will focus on issues and personalities [Read More]