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Sierra Leone looks for solution to its 70% high youth unemployment

July 31, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 August 2013 Sierra Leone has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in sub-saharan Africa. Despite the implementation of various initiatives costing millions of dollars, aimed at the rehabilitation and training of young people into employment, unemployment in Sierra Leone remains intractably high, at over [Read More]

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Mixed reactions over Saudi Prince’s visit to Sierra Leone

June 14, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 June 2013 It is not very often that Arabian Princes visit Sub-saharan Africa, and when they do, expectations are very high. Saudi Arabia is the richest Arab country in the world. It has huge potential to help Africa out of economic decay and poverty. So [Read More]

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World Bank Group President calls for a world free of poverty

April 15, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 April 2013 On 2 April 2013, World Bank Group President – Jim Yong Kim outlined his ambitious agenda for ending poverty and increasing inclusive growth, as he called for ambitious new goals to help the most vulnerable. Speaking at Georgetown University in the US, Kim [Read More]

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Ghana’s rising economic prosperity may be derailed by falling oil revenues

April 14, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 April 2013 Rising standards of living enjoyed by Ghanaians in the last three years is not a miracle, thanks to the discovery of King Oil, off the country’s coastal waters. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has risen steeply. Government’s effort at diversifying the economy is paying [Read More]

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African countries need the BRICS to build strong economies

March 27, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 March 2013 South Africa – the only African member of the new global economic block known as the BRICS, has been hosting a two day summit in Durban. Politicians, industrialists and other stakeholders, met in the South African city to discuss the impact of the [Read More]

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ECOWAS heads of state call for a common market

March 1, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 March 2013 The leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), concluded their meeting in Ivory Coast yesterday. They are calling for a more economically and socially – if not politically integrated West Africa. But were they all singing from the same hymn [Read More]

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Land reform will reduce poverty and enhance economic development

January 23, 2013 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

24 January 2013 Land ownership and the legal right to use that land, can be a highly toxic affair in Africa. In Sierra Leone, there has been a rising trend in the number of murders committed because of land disputes and sheer criminality. But Sierra Leone is not the exception. [Read More]

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Sierra Leone’s Parliament passes Patent and Industrial Designs Act 2012

September 7, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 September 2012 In the news this week, the world’s leading computer and smart phone technology company – Apple, won its legal battle in the US against Samsung for infringement of patent rights, involving its IPad tablet computing technology. Samsung may have to pay Billions of Dollars [Read More]

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Sierra Leone’s dodgy mining deals – Someone is sharing the loot

July 27, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 July 2012 In the wake of allegations and counter-allegations of corruption involving the vice president of Sierra Leone, a renewed focus is being turned on to the manner with which the government has been entering into agreement, with foreign companies to exploit the country’s mineral resources. [Read More]