Tribal politics has given rise to corruption and marginalisation of communities

June 26, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 3

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2017 Tribal politics in Africa is one of the reasons most communities across the continent are suffering massive under-development, social injustice, marginalisation, and at worse – violent conflict and loss of life. Even a small country like Sierra Leone where the majority of citizens live [Read More]

Dele Awoonor-Gordon

The people are talking – but those in power are not listening

May 15, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 May 2017 It was an uncharacteristically hot afternoon as I boarded the taxi heading for the sleepy remote village of Regent. I wasn’t in too much of a mood to talk after the usual harrowing experience of trying to get the basics done. [Read More]


Yumkella and Maada Bio must take the high road for the sake of SLPP – A point of view

April 8, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Dr. Columba Blango Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2017 The injunction granted by the Appeal Court yesterday April 7, 2017, has given our party a great opportunity to settle our problems speedily and amicably. We have three weeks before the May 2nd date for oral arguments, and perhaps three to [Read More]


SLPP UK Ireland executives call for peace and unity in the Sierra Leone People’s Party

January 12, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

SLPP UK and Ireland Branch Secretariat Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 January 2017 Following the recent and persistent spate of gross indiscipline and wanton insubordination, culminating in the political infamy of 17th December 2016, we, the bona–fide members of the SLPP United Kingdom and Ireland Region wish it be known by [Read More]