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Stolen free health care medical products seized by ACC and Police – one man arrested

December 29, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 December 2017: For many years, Sierra Leone’s health service sector has been marred by the lack of vital medicines, risking the lives of millions of patients who must make do with either fake alternatives or go without. While thousands of people die every year due to [Read More]

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Traditional authorities launch manhunt for Alhaji Massie Kallon

December 22, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Ahmed Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 October 2017 A man hunt has been launched in the village of Kamayusufu, Bombali District of Sierra Leone, for Alhaji Massie Kallon, who they say has refused to be initiated into the traditional poro secret society as an obligation to assume the mantle of [Read More]

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President Ernest Bai Koroma’s new legal headache

December 19, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Dr. Lans Gberie: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 December 2017: Anyone wanting to understand why two former response workers who survived infection by the deadly Ebola virus, have sued the government of Sierra Leone in the Ecowas Court of Human Rights for violation of their right to life (among others), needs [Read More]

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Simitie Lavaly is nominated Sierra Leone’s Lawyer of the year 2017

December 15, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

The AdvocAid Fambul: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 December 2017 The AdvocAid fambul is delighted to announce that Simitie Lavaly has been nominated for the award of Legal Practitioner of the Year 2017. This is part of the annual National Achievement Awards (NAA), organised by All Works of Life (AWOL). Simitie, [Read More]

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Africa grapples with inequalities in education

December 14, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Zipporah Musau: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 December 2017: At the dawn of independence, incoming African leaders were quick to prioritize education on their development agendas. Attaining universal primary education, they maintained, would help post-independence Africa lift itself out of abject poverty. As governments began to build schools and post teachers [Read More]

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Barrister at Law thanks NOSLINA for scholarship that funded his education

November 2, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Abdulai Kondowa, B. A., LLB, BL Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 November 2017 It was exactly six years ago when I got news that I had won NOSLINA’s [National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America’s] ‘Mohamed Sadu Bah Scholarship’ to read for a law degree at Fourah Bay College (FBC), [Read More]

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Sierra Leone government provides educational support to 1000 Ebola orphans

October 19, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 October 2017 The 2017/2018 school year has started in earnest in Sierra Leone, and many children are happily being sent off to school by their parents with brand new uniforms, school bags, and books. However, many other children are not that lucky. These are orphans who [Read More]

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Dubai sends humanitarian aid to Sierra Leone

October 8, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

M.B. Jalloh Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 October 2017 Following the deadly mudslide and floods that caused hundreds of casualties in Sierra Leone and displaced over 1000 households in August this year, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has ordered an aid [Read More]

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How we developed a cheap and accurate on-the-spot test for Ebola

October 2, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 October 2017 Last week’s Ebola false alarm in Sierra Leone, brought a sharp reminder of the horrible loss of life seen two years ago, and the crippling chronic illness that many still suffer in the West African state today. According to the country’s Chief Medical Officer [Read More]