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Weep not for Mama Salone on her 51st independence anniversary: Take a ‘New Direction’

April 27, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Yusuf Keketoma Sandi 27 April 2012   S – So your children are here again Mama Salone to celebrate your 51st anniversary, since your independence from British rule in 1961. But what have we got to celebrate mama? I – In sadness, we recount our history with tears as your [Read More]

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Sierra Leoneans in the US prepare to celebrate Sierra Leone’s independence

April 7, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

7 April 2012 In just twenty days Sierra Leoneans across the USA will celebrate 51 years of independence of their motherland. Events will be co-ordinated by the Save Sierra Leone Foundation in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Embassy and the Sierra American Soccer Association (SASA). The weekend of Friday, April [Read More]

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The power of a young African woman

April 4, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Dennis Kabatto 4 March 2012 To say, American-born, New Jersey based Nigerian – Yetunde A. Odugbesan is ambitious and  described as an overachiever, would be a vast understatement. She has been awarded with the prestigious Thomas H. Kean Outstanding Alumni Award, in recognition of her continued support and contributions made to [Read More]

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Celebrating the life of Sierra Leone’s ingenious classical music composer – Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

January 29, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 4

Abdul R Thomas – Editor – The Sierra Leone Telegraph 29 January 2012 Ten years ago, I discovered the music of Samuel – Coleridge Taylor, whilst driving on the M1 Motorway to London from Leeds, on a very quiet and wintry Sunday morning. It was not until the end of a [Read More]

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Bridging Sierra Leone’s skills gap: Participation of diasporans in the country’s development

January 17, 2012 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow – The Netherlands 17 January 2012 It is a well-known and irrefutable fact that Mama Salone needs more intelligent and dedicated Sierra Leonean brains in order to develop. In most cases, however, many of these brains are contributing to the development of other countries. I can gather [Read More]