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Sierra Leone face serious risk of cholera and typhoid outbreak

August 15, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI ) Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 August 2017 Following the disastrous event of the mudslide and floods in Freetown on 14 August 2017 wherein over 300 people have died, with a possibility of the death toll rising and over two thousand(2000) rendered homeless, [Read More]

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Heavy rain in Freetown causing major destruction – emergency warning issued

August 14, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 19

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 August 2017 Heavy rains in Freetown have led to landslide in the vicinity of Guma in Regent and Mortema. Over 200 unidentified remains are reported to have been taken to the Connaught hospital mortuary. 60 of the 200 dead are said to be children Over 100 [Read More]

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Sierra Leone’s Insight Magazine shines light on the country’s business and economic development  

August 13, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Memuna Forna – Insight Publisher Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 August 2017 Since 2013, we have been Sierra Leone’s leading producer and publisher of quality business-to-business media.  Our flagship publication – Insight, is the only magazine for those who do business in Sierra Leone. We produce and publish compelling newsletters, brochures, presentations [Read More]

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Government of Kuwait stops issuing entry visa 20 to Sierra Leone nationals

August 9, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Sierra Leone Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 August 2017 Following concerns raised by the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, over the issuance of entry visas under Article 20 (Domestic Labour of Kuwait) to Sierra Leone nationals to work as [Read More]

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Tackling violent gang crimes in Sierra Leone – food for thought

August 9, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Santhkie Sorie Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 August 2017 In professionally minded societies, officials who fall short in the performance of their duties often resign, or at least tender their resignation. Generals who lose wars even commit suicide. This was what Abdul Akim Amer – the Egyptian General, did in 1967 [Read More]

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The government of Sierra Leone is bankrupt and failing to account for hundreds of millions of dollars

August 8, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 9

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 August 2017 (Photo: Poorly constructed roads in Sierra Leone – costing hundreds of millions of dollars). Pressure is mounting on the World Bank, IMF and DFID to cease funding of the Koroma government, following reports that, more than twenty-five state institutions have failed to account for [Read More]

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Sierra Leone police arrested armed robbers in the west of the city

August 6, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 1

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 August 2017 The shooting last year of Sierra Leone’s retired chief of the military and the killing of a well-known barrister in Freetown, sparked a renewed debate about rising armed robbery and criminality in the capital. But in the last few months, police have stepped up [Read More]