“We can no longer attribute the President’s decisions to sheer ignorance”

Professor Kelfala Kallon 17 December 2011 My initial reactions to President Koroma’s economic policies, which I summarized in an article titled “APC KohKhnomimics” in December 2007, was that the economic mis-steps of his government were borne out of ignorance of modern economic principles, and an adherence to economic fetishism that [Read More]

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Is Sierra Leone’s development being crippled by a lack of political vision?

Along with the snowballing fiscal problems that some in the media have cited, I would also add the very discouraging rise of ‘state nannyism’ introduced by both SLPP and APC. For example: Kabbah was famous for his “no one will go to bed hungry by 2007”, whilst President Bai Koroma [Read More]