President Koroma’s decision to select Samura Kamara as presidential candidate – an analysis

Abdulai Mansaray Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 November 2017 The dust seems to have settled, or it is settling after an orgy of political goombay dance. The recently concluded APC convention would be remembered for many things and for many years to come. The pre-election gathering of the APC Party was [Read More]

Dele Awoonor-Gordon

Sierra Leone goes to the polls in March 2018 – there is stench of insincerity in the air

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 November 2017 You know something? As far as I am concerned, unless we review our entire societal ethos and ensure equity and operationally balanced values that will nullify the desire for power grabbing, our cry against corruption in every facet of our national [Read More]

Economy & Business

President Koroma in Belgium – will he find a buyer for Sierra Leone’s second largest diamond?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 October 2017 President Koroma arrived in Brussels yesterday Sunday, 29th October 2017, after lavishly spending over $700,000 on a political campaign parade on Saturday in the capital Freetown. The parade was organised by ruling APC party central office in violation of general election rules, which clearly [Read More]


Broken institutions and a reeling opposition – what is next for Kenya?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 October 2017 Key institutions steering Kenya’s election have evidently broken down, leaving the country open to an iron fist to re-establish political stability by any means necessary. Dominic Burbidge of the University of Oxford writes in theconversation.com: I remember walking through the rubble of burnt out [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s Right to Access Information Commission –  a crippling institution

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 October 2017 When president Koroma was first elected ten years ago, he promised to bring much needed reforms that will change the way Sierra Leone was being governed. Not least, he said his government will ensure transparency, probity, openness, and accountability – the key principles upon [Read More]

Election Watch

Sierra Leone’s progressive liberal democratic politicians now have their own political party

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 October 2017 For the first time in the history of Sierra Leone, since the country gained independence in 1961, politicians from across the political divide have come together to form a broad church of liberal philosophies and values, which they say is a break-away from the [Read More]


President Zuma loses bid to dodge 783 charges – But will he have the last laugh?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 October 2017 A protracted battle to reinstate hundreds of corruption, money laundering and racketeering charges against South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma came to a head last week when the country’s Supreme Court backed a lower court’s finding that they should never have been set aside in [Read More]


We need a new coalition of enlightened leaders in Sierra Leone

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 October 2017 Let me say this – should the 2018 elections be shifted by even a day, the opposition collectively has no iota of right to complain or cry foul. Are they just being unhinged? Where are the so-called nationalists or activists? I [Read More]


Civil servants in Sierra Leone must stay away from party politics and electioneering

Mahmud Tim Kargbo Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 October 2017 Some of the crucial issues that have destroyed our development as a nation despite our vast resources are: leadership, monetisation of politics, poverty, corruption and the willingness of people in position of trust to exhibit total disrespect for our laws. Non-partisanship [Read More]