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‘You can come to the White House – but not alone’

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 April 2015 No special treat today at the White House for a president, who has grossly violated his country’s Constitution, and shown that he cannot be trusted either by the people of Sierra Leone or the White House. (Photo: President Koroma happily relaxing last night at [Read More]


‘This is payback time’ – says new vice president of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 March 2015 Speaking to APC party faithful at a rally in the party’s office in Freetown, the newly coronated vice president Foh told party officials to be patient, and that their rewards will soon come. He spoke about how APC rewards loyalty, but said nothing about [Read More]


Vice president Sam Sumana sacked as battle for succession rages

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 March 2015: After two weeks of dramatic political ‘much ado about nothing’, the president of Sierra Leone has finally decided that he has had enough of the circus. Last night, in a statement read out on national television, the president announced the sacking of  vice president [Read More]


Chief Justice must quit now for the good of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 November 2014 The entire establishment in Sierra Leone is today in a state of deep moral and constitutional crisis, whiles Ebola continue to destroy the lives of thousands of poor citizens. The morale of lawyers in the country has been severely dented, and the country’s justice [Read More]


Tony Blair in Freetown to renew contract with president Koroma

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 November 2014 – This story was first published on 17 January 2013 Sierra Leone is in desperate need of cash – estimated at more than $1 billion to help rehabilitate its creaky drinking water supply system,  electricity generating and distribution plants, drainage and waste management systems, [Read More]


Media has an important role in Sierra Leone – says ambassador Foh

John Baimba Sesay The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2014 Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China – Victor Foh, has said that without constructive, free and independent press in a democracy, it would be difficult for the three arms of Government – executive, legislative and judiciary, to [Read More]


Sama Banya – Pauwui is back

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 March 2014: When Sierra Leone’s most formidable and prolific octogenarian political commentator and opposition SLPP party grandee – Dr. Sama Banya – alias Puawui (Photo), announced his retirement from public writing over a year ago, hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leone Telegraph readers were saddened. His [Read More]


Was Sierra Leone parliament wrong footed by ‘two foot arata’?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 December 2013 A week ago – Friday, 20th December 2013, president Koroma opened the second session of the country’s parliament, marking the beginning of his second year in his final term in office. He did so with a speech that raise more questions about what [Read More]


Yes APC declared winner – but lost the elections

Yusuf Keketoma Sandi: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 December 2013: The ruling by Sierra Leone’s High Court on the election petition cases for both constituencies 05 and 15, has raised fundamental questions on the application of the law. The outcome of this court ruling appears to have undermined or conflicted with [Read More]