Peter C Anderson

Peter C Anderson

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  1. Dear Mr Anderson: I am looking to contact the Peter Anderson who established, and I hope continues to maintain, the Sierra Leone Web website. I wish to discuss providing input to update the web pages on (1) Laws, and (2) Colonial Ordinances. I write this in the context that, although I am a practising commercial lawyer, I have been studying the Laws of Sierra Leone for several years while at the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London. The Sierra Leone Web web site seems to be the most comprehensive, established web site carrying the laws of Sierra Leone. I am aware of the two government websites, (1) Parliament of Sierra Leone (, and (2) Sierra LII ( – both of these carry some of the more modern laws, but your Sierra Leone Web has the best run of laws, including colonial-era law (many of which remain extant). As a civic matter, I remain concerned to support free public access to the laws of Sierra Leone, rather than access through subscription websites. Please contact me by e-mail if this topic is of sufficient interest. With best wishes.
    Very truly yours, Victor Richard Stockinger (Attorney-at-Law, New York, writing from London, England).

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