Hope triumphs over fear as Yumkella and Alliance trump Bio

From our correspondent in Freetown

22 June 2016

SLPP prepares for constituency 107 bye election 5

As results of the Sierra Leone People’s Party lower level elections held on Saturday 18 June 2016 emerge, the Sierra Leone People’s Party membership has demonstrated a desire for hope over fear.

Initial results from these elections show that nominees are supportive of Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella’s candidacy for the SLPP presidential nomination.

From the results analysed so far, Yumkella has secured 59 percent of constituencies in the country. KKY supporting candidates have won constituencies in the following districts:

Western Urban District- 30% of constituencies; Port Loko District – 80%; Bombali District – 50%; Kambia District – 90%; Koinadugu District – 100%; Kenema District – 70%; Kono District – 85%; Kailahun District – 0%; Pujehun District – 30%; Moyamba District – 50%.

Bo District is yet to be declared, due to the campaign of violence allegedly orchestrated by supporters of Julius Maada Bio.kandeh yumkella However, Dr. Yumkella is believed to have won 60% of the constituencies that conducted a free and fair poll.

Tonkolili, Bonthe and the Western Rural districts are yet to be confirmed. Despite the skirmishes, which occurred, Yumkella hopes to do very well in Bonthe District where he has the staunch support of the District Council Chairlady.

Despite the claim by Julius Maada Bio that he will defeat John Oponjo Benjamin in his home town, reports emerging show that Benjamin has secured all the constituencies in Kailahun District.

Munda Rogers is believed to have secured 70% of the constituencies in his home district of Pujehun.  Given the level of violence directed towards other candidates, who have not been able to gain the same access to the party offices and to campaign unhindered, it is no surprise that Bio is said to have secured 70% of constituencies in the Western Urban Area.  Outside of Western Area, Bio is understood to have secured 50% of constituencies in Moyamba District.

The outcome of these elections would be greeted with relief that the party can now begin to put behind it, the unnecessary legal actions and meetings with the Party Political Registration Commission (PPRC), chaos caused by the hijacking of the party offices by so called “Benghazi Boys” and weak leadership, due to the continuing undermining of the office of the Chairman and National Executive.

John-Benjamin-SLPPYumkella who attributed his success as a win for the All flag-bearer Alliance and their efforts towards getting the party membership across the country ready for positive change, within the party and country, said that “it is not possible for our Alliance to be defeated in the Western Area where we are all resident and stronger.  Bio’s supporters might defeat my movement, but he cannot defeat Timbo, Benjamin and me, plus others in the Alliance joined together.” (Photo: John Benjamin).

These unofficial results show that Yumkella has emerged as the hot favourite to win the SLPP nomination.

And it demonstrates that party members are fed up of the violent actions of the ‘Paopa faction’ which has left the party completely ineffective in addressing the aspirations of the people of Sierra Leone, in spite of the continuing economic decline and mismanagement under the APC.

The need for unity was foremost in Yumkella’s mind when he said that “this is the time we need to talk more about how the APC has wrecked our economy, and let the people know how men in government are getting richer by the day, while the people go to bed hungry with their children who have been denied quality education.”

Many supporters believe that Bio who is resident in Sierra Leone, cannot now realistically hope to retain a stranglehold on the SLPP, through violence, indiscipline, thuggish behaviour and flouting of the party’s constitutional and governance arrangements.


  1. Gbessay Ehlogima Sam Momoh,

    Thanks for acknowledging these two key facts:

    1. That Francess Bio’s relationship ended with Julius Bio though they have three kids, Charlie, Woni and Agnes.

    2. That Julius Bio upon separating with Francess Bio, then married Fatima Jabbie who delivered a baby girl for
    him in September 2015.

    I ask that you read the article “Sierra Leone’s presidential hopeful–Maada Bio weds in London” which was published by The Sierra Leone Telegraph on November 8, 2013.

    Below are excerpts from the above stated article:

    “This task will not be affected by his ‘marital status,’ just as President Koroma’s failure to address these urgent issues facing ordinary people has not been as a result of his marriage.

    Most importantly, Julius Maada Bio is a young man who values his culture and tradition. And as ‘a devout catholic’ who has taken the hand in ‘marriage of Fatima Jabbie’ – a devout Muslim shows that Maada Bio symbolises a politician whose values cut across religions.

    He truly extols the virtues of our religious tolerance as a nation.

    To those who say that Julius Maada Bio is still legally married to Francess Bio and has therefore committed polygamy, that story for the record is factually incorrect.

    Julius Maada Bio and Francess Bio legally and amicably ‘separated’six years ago.” By Yusuf Keketoma Sandi.


    1. If Julius Bio’s women affair is neither polygamy nor bigamy then what is it?

    2. Why tell me ‘to be careful of what I write?’

    3. What happened that Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella was able to secure 70% of the votes in your hometown,
    Kenema District? Any explanation to this very wonderful and amazing result?

    Let me know, and go from there. Amen.

  2. Mustache Moustache, please be careful with what you write. Your allegations are always baseless and untrue. Please find out properly how Frances and Bio’s relationship ended, and how Fatima came into his life. SHAME ON YOU and NOT BIO!

  3. I see this media outlet as one sided. The information you have provided was what you got from YKK and the alliance team. Bio will always remain to be quiet and calm. You will be surprised to see the outcome of the elections for flag bearer.

    In this country any one who wins Freetown is surely bound to win in that election. The lower level elections in the rural communities were manipulated by senior SLPP old timers who hate Bio but time will tell. People were just selected by these SLPP old timers and the names presented to the offices.

    Bio is popular and admired by all. It is only the old folks who are corrupt and want to earn from the state revenue that hates Bio. He is a disciplinarian, corrupt free and man of principle. This is why the old SLPP bras hate him.

    Maustache – please visit Pendebu and find out for yourself. The same strategy that President Siaka Steven used to claim many areas as his home is what President Kabbah did. Kabbah is not from Pendebu – stop fooling people.

    Go there and see the kitchen he built which he called dwelling house. I want you to also note very seriously that those figures quoted are not correct. Time will tell and the final result for flag bearer will be the deciding moment.

    Politics should be regionally balanced. We have had too many presidents from the north with very little impact. It is time we now try either the south, east or west. This is my view and I cannot move from it.

  4. Sulaiman Sannoh,

    You wrote and said that:

    “For example, Yumkella, you know very well that you are more than capable of handling the energy crisis of Sierra Leone, knowing very well the huddles the country is going through. Are you going to leave this great calling on our life just to become president of Sierra Leone?”

    For your information, on May 20, 2016 I gently asked President Ernest Koroma to do everything possible and appoint Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella into his government but to no avail. What can he (Dr. Yumkella) do? Absolutely nothing, but to seek the presidency.

    For when the head is healthy then the whole body functions very well.

    Our Leadership is weak and sick of kwashiorkor- big headed with swollen feet, bloated and malnourished stomach. All because of massive and rampant corruption everywhere. Sure, it desperately needs total healing.

    I have every confidence that Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella has the wherewithal to effectively catabolize the country with needed protein by doing a surgical operation, from head to toe, on ailing mother Sierra Leone.

    Unlike other candidates, it very well suffices to say that he has done remarkable national and international exercises with distinction. Please, give him a try and you will be surprised at his amazing presidential performance. Amen.

  5. I never knew until today that Roman Catholic Julius Bio and his legally wedded wife Francess Bio are only “separated” not divorced. They both have children together, namely Charlie, Woni and Agnes.

    “But like every responsible and caring parents, they have always been in contact as they ‘both’ contribute immensely towards the upbringing of their beautiful children.” (By Yusuf Keketoma Sandi.)

    See Sierra Leone’s presidential hopeful–Maada Bio weds in London published by The Sierra Leone Telegraph on November 8, 2013.

    He again “married” Fatima Jabbie Bio, who is a devout Muslim and whose father is a Gambian.

    By all indications and means, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio is guilty of committing BIGAMY- the act of going through a marriage ceremony while already married to another person. This is gross rudeness and felonious! And he should be incarcerated for SEVEN good years in accordance with the Laws of Sierra Leone.


    At this point in time, let the Law take its full course on him without respect of his personality. It’s a crime to aid and abet him in this of his horrible duplicity. Shame on him! Amen.

  6. First of all I would like to commend all the SLPP political aspirants who have shown up for the leadership of our beloved country sierra Leone.

    However, I would like you to know that the source of every good and genuine leadership is from above. It does not lie in your popularity, neither your influence over any outside powers, but a purposeful vision with passion for the development of the people irrespective of tribal or regional differences.

    It is therefore expedient for all you aspirants to rightfully examine your callings so as to rightfully occupy the right position where you can fervently excel to perfection for the benefit of all.

    For example, Yumkella, you know very well that you are more than capable of handling the energy crisis of Sierra Leone, knowing very well the huddles the country is going through. Are you going to leave this great calling on our life just to become president of Sierra Leone?

    This is the only time you guys need to come together with a strong bond of unity to oust the APC Government. If not, I see Sierra Leone entering another era of Economic pillage that will be hard to recover from. So forget the power and have the people and the country at heart.

  7. The alliance will definitely have to team up with Julius Maada Bio, if they want ministerial positions. Yumkella can be a potential Minister of Energy and Power. After all, he worked with Julius Maada Bio as SOS in the Energy sector. So he can best fit in that position come 2018. Other Aspirants like Timbo and others are also eligible for ministerial positions. The only advise is that if they continue criticizing Bio, they will end up loosing those opportunities. Remember that SLPP has a lot of people waiting to have those positions. Some of these names have been in Governance for long. Please allow other names to surface this time round.

    • Joe Parson,

      Are you implying that you have never seen in the world a Lecturer lecturing his/her class 3 Teacher? Those who really love this country should not think as such. It is not politics that can develop this ruined nation. Those who only depend on politics are the once failing this nation. Because it is their only source of livelihoods. So they can only enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.

      Bio, who could not adequately manage his own private business having people like Joe supporting his ambition of exploiting this country’s endowed riches. Since Bio relinquished power to Tejan Kabba (Late) what other successful engagement has he involved in?

      When he assumes power again, where do you think he will get his support from to rebuild the already battered nation? To rely on Yumkella or Timbo to support him? Who then will be ruling? Maada or Yumkella? Can we think better for our beloved nation.

      Yumkella was in the NPRC because the nation needed him; and the guys in power by then had no knowledge about governance. They were only ruling by decree and not by law, neither policies. But because Yumkella realized that he was not helping himself nor the nation, he left.

      Can we think of a better Sierra Leone and forget about favoritism. Again it is not politics that can help this nation. Politics is not a career. Only those that have failed in the world do consider politics to be a career. Because that is where they think they can enrich themselves.

      Sierra Leone should be seen far above that now. We have seen clear example of this in the past two decades. Tejan Kabba (Late) a former diplomat was far better then the current head of state and president, whose main career had been politics, although he however had some private engagement.

      What has Bio contributed to this nation after they battered and ruined our nation? He was under pressure to handover power by the international community just as Major Johnny Paul. He did not give up power voluntarily. If he had his way he was going to hold on.

      Charles Margai was in politics, but he was still practicing law; Joe Demby was in politics yet he was a medical doctor; Kalilu Totange is in politics but has contributed to this nations development; I B Kargbo is a politician yet he contributed immensely to the media development in Sierra Leone and so on.

      Is touring the nation, a development approach to our country? Or what else has Maada Bio contributed to the development of this nation, not to talk about the world.

  8. I would like all level headed and well meaning Sierra Leoneans to give their utmost support to Yumkella – this God chosen candidate for the great SLPP and its flagbearership, for the betterment of the ruined nation by this failed APC government.

    Rtd Maada Bio could team up with this man for the good of Salone.

  9. This comment is directly for Paul Kamara. We in the SLPP do not preach or believe in tribalism or regionalism, so please stop and stop right away with your deliberate misunderstanding of the the position of Sam Momoh on this forum.

    His statement or comment does not suggest what you are claiming. It is your statement that is unfortunate and not Sam’s.

  10. Alieu M. Bah,

    Yes, it was Dr. Kella and not Dr. Tengbeh that was attacked by Lt. Valuable at the night club in Njala. This was made known to us the students on campus, specifically in March 1993. Thank you very much for the correction.

    I remembered seeing you Alieu M. Bah, former Secretary General of NUCSU, standing by Maturi Hall asking the Late Principal Prof. Harry Turay some questions on that ugly incident against Dr. Kella. Not at the Auditorium my brother.

    God bless you. Amen.

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