Open letter to Dr. Samura Kamara – APC presidential candidate 2018

Joseph F Kamara: 4 February 2018: Sierra Leone Telegraph:

Dear Dr. Samura Kamara

I have with keen interest read your article titled “Sierra Leone is at the cusp of irreversible development”, being circulated on social media by die-hard and overzealous members of the APC.

I would have saluted you for staying on whilst others left for greener pastures, if and only if, you have been a major player in helping us achieve our desired goals as a people and as a country.

We would have saluted your show of patriotism and nationalism for holding on to the beggarly salaries and poor conditions of service back home, if your stay in this country had in anyways impacted the lives of the people positively and had helped transform our economy.

We are very disappointed  that you have stayed on and participated in each and every government from the days of the NPRC to the SLPP, and now an active player in the APC.

But things have not changed under your watch for the good of the people and the country.

Your expertise, knowledge and experience have landed us into more debts, placed us on the bottom of all human development indices. We are the third Hungriest Country on the face of the earth, the worst country to live as a woman, child and youth.

Dr. Samura Kamara, you helped in formulating the Agenda for Prosperity that landed us in economic austerity. Your poor economic policies left our economy in a comatose state. It has also contributed immensely to the high unemployment rate in the country.

You have not been a proper team player. You have watched on as corruption toppled the Agenda for Change and the Agenda for Prosperity, with the country ranked as the Most Corrupt Country in the World.

Under your watch we saw the Leone fall at breakneck speeds, with our poor women and children dying of hunger and curable diseases, because they cannot afford the free medical care you offered them. Shame, shame, shame.

Dr. Samura Kamara, under your watch, we saw funds meant for the fight against Ebola, siphoned into private accounts for the benefit of those at the very top, whilst the poor and vulnerable died in pain as their families watched on.

Under your watch, we saw how funds meant for the mudslide victims were misused, and the people left to die in the open air. They were chased out of makeshift structures where they waited for a miracle that never came into their wretched lives.

We would have celebrated you for staying whilst others left for greener pastures, only if your presence among us would have been a blessing, rather than a curse.

We continue to be very poor and impoverished, child and maternal mortality are on the increase, the health and education sectors are crumbling, the agriculture sector is in coma, and the prosperity you preached has only brought us more hardship.

We know not whether you have ever taken an oath of allegiance and fidelity to another country.

We know your allegiance and fidelity are not to the country, but to the leaders of your party who have entrusted you with their mandate. You will always put them first over us.

Dr. Samura Kamara, let me conclude by stating that we have seen much of you and your deeds. We have seen the policies you have formulated and implemented. We have seen the best of you at work, from the days when you were sharp, full of strength to today when you have lost your stamina and agility.

You must agree with me that you are too old to be entrusted with our mandate. You have been recycled for too long to be entrusted with the Presidency. We have seen your very best. But your very best has done us no good.

Your best has landed us in austerity instead of prosperity. Your best has left our health sector broke and our educational system weak. Your best has left us struggling to eke out a living, whilst the few of you continue to enjoy the prosperity you preached.

Please allow us to elect people who will not continue with this trend. We are demanding you step aside, as we hire new servants to take us to the promised Land.

Your brother – Joseph F. Kamara.

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