Orange Sierra Leone CEO and three others investigated for alleged tax fraud

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 June 2021:

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has learnt that the Chief Executive of one of the country’s top mobile and internet access provider – Orange, has been arrested along with three others for tax fraud and alleged espionage, but the Attorney General on advice of State House is blocking their prosecution.

The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Mobile Company Aminata Kane and three other senior staff of Orange-SL were arrested and detained by officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) but were later released on bail pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph contacted CID headquarters to obtain further information on the investigation, but no comment was received.

A source at the CID however told local newspaper – Fritong Post that Kane (Photo: Sitting in the white chair), and the other three suspects were granted Le100 million bail and surrendered their travelling documents.

The source also says that they are being treated as “diplomatic suspects” and have been asked to report every day to the CID until such a time when the investigation is completed, or the matter charged to court.

The investigation of Orange-SL comes as the company is said to be trying to clean-up its corporate image following investigations by the National Revenue Authority for alleged tax evasion.

Orange-SL was recently fined by the country’s telecoms regulator, NATCOM, for tampering with network frequency in Kamboi-Blama and Blama-Gbandi. NATCOM ordered a fine of over Le4 billion for the illegal use of Upper 6GHZ Microwave Transmission Frequency that affected the operations of other service providers.

Today, the company issued a press statement denying that its Chief Executive and the company were being investigated for tax fraud, despite this photo above of their Chief Executive Aminata Kane sitting at the CID.

Following publication of the press statement, the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph contacted its head of PR – Annie Wonnie Katta who told the Sierra Leone Telegraph that the lady seen in the photo at the CID in Freetown is not the Chief Executive of Orange-SL.

But several sources in Sierra Leone have confirmed that the lady in the photo is indeed the Chief Executive of Orange-SL, Aminata Kane.

With the Attorney General’s office now sitting on the investigation files, it is unlikely that this case will ever get to court because of State House interference.


  1. The world is a theatrical stage and all the men are women merely its players; We know that all the sons and daughters of men are born with squeaky clean hands that are unmatched by those of angels in the Celestial Heavens; But billions as they struggle throughout their lives, eventually become compelled to embrace the eerie ways of Darkness and Greed that holds the power to transform them into demons and monsters before they are able to reach the end of their lives fully clothed in the fiery garments of Lucifer’s devils. Gentlemen – this country of ours is controlled by evil men with the wicked spirit of scavenging vultures, cruel men whose principal objective is to brazenly exploit and facilitate the systematic robbery of our little struggling country’s monetary and natural resources purposefully for the benefit of their families and tribesmen.

    Trouble yourselves no more – Its all a sham by an crooked President without a plan; (lol) Here he is arresting corrupt people just for show, grimacing and fuming yet still smooching them behind the scenes; All of the arrests, outrage and outcries against high profile people like the the CEO or Orange is a sham, a superficial, flimsy attempt to deceive the most gullible and naive among our people. Folks, do not believe for one minute anything you hear coming from these rag tag bunch of good for nothings. The notorious SLPP also known (The Sierra Leone Potbelly Party) has failed the poor people of our beloved country miserably,awfully, woefully in every aspect of their lives and of course they will continue to fail pathetically in shame until their end (lol)

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