The media’s role in Sierra Leone’s governance and development

12 February 2013 Sierra Leone’s Information Attaché to the People’s Republic of China, John Baimba Sesay has told a gathering of academics studying in the People’s Republic of China, that a vibrant democracy requires an independent and pluralistic media. He said that the very growth of democracy very much depends [Read More]


No water – no electricity – President Koroma doles One Million to Mali

12 February 2013 Few in Sierra Leone are supportive of President Koroma’s decision to dig so deep into the shallow and meagre pockets of his citizens, only to show his fellow African leaders gathered in Addis Ababa for the AU conference that he is rich, by doling out a whopping [Read More]

News in Perspective

Ugandan government repaid millions of stolen funds to Norway

11 February 2013 Last autumn the Office of the Auditor General of Uganda exposed the misuse and embezzlement of international aid funds by corrupt officials in the Ugandan administration. It was announced that a massive 80 million Norwegian NOK had been misused, 23 million of which came from Norway. According [Read More]

Economy & Business

Intra-African trade needs strengthening

10 February 2013 The Director of the Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) – Stephen Karingi, has said that the future of African trade and infrastructure is looking bright. Speaking at the 8th Session of the Committee on Trade, Regional Cooperation [Read More]

News in Perspective

‘Tolerance, toil and teamwork needed in Sierra Leone’

John Baimba Sesay 10 February 2013 Outgoing Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Abubakarr Multi-Kamara, today met and spoke to a gathering of Sierra Leonean students studying in China. He said that there are three politically significant values, which can be instilled in Sierra Leone’s educational system, [Read More]


The ugly face of a bad policy in Sierra Leone: or is it crass stupidity?

N. Sillah 8 February 2013 Very recently it has been made known to members of the public that there are plans afoot to convert the site of the Annie Walsh Memorial School on Kissy road, Freetown, into a market place. When I first heard this utterly ludicrous idea, I had [Read More]

Education and Health

More could be done to achieve the Millennium Development Goals

8 February 2013 In 2015 the current global effort in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will come to an end. But the problems that the UN and countries such as Sierra Leone are trying to tackle, will sadly remain intractable. The expected reduction in the very high incidence of [Read More]

News in Perspective

Microsoft plans big for Africa’s economic development

6 February 2013 According to APO, Microsoft Corporation has introduced the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative.  Through this new initiative, the company aims to actively engage in Africa’s economic development to improve its global competitiveness. By 2016, the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative plans to help place tens of millions of smart devices in [Read More]

News in Perspective

Who killed Yeabu – and why? Does the President really care?

5 February 2013 The increasing systemic failure of the criminal justice establishment in Sierra Leone to protect against human rights abuses, epitomises the appalling level of lawlessness and break down of law and order in the country. Impunity and the abuse of human rights may not be officially sanctioned by [Read More]