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  1. Greetings my uncles, aunties, and people this is Nenneh Abdullah Sisay. I want to know how how I can become a part of your movement, thanks.

  2. Please keep me in touch with my beloved adoptive country during this period of separation (including separation from my beloved Sierra Leonean wife) while I’m here in the UK. May Allah bless us all and keep us safe.

  3. 1. Corruption in Sierra Leone’s Public Sector can be reduced by the quality of her political, social, economic, and terotechnological leaderships; lessons can be learned from Singapore etc. Solution include copying such examples.

    2. ABOUT CORONAVIRUS – persons whose natural auto-immune systems are depleted – some over 60s, and, persons living in zones where the ambient is below 27 degrees Centigrade; confined into air-conditioned spaces whose re-circulated extract ventilations pollutes the air they breath, etc. are highly susceptible victims! I recommend regularly imbibing AUTO-IMMUNE BOOSTERS such as IP6+Inositol; and/or Maitake D-Fraction; and/or MGN3 Extra – worth researching and trying, they are harmless.

    3. Poorly trained leaders who do not know how to wash hands regularly and properly by omitting uses of nail brushes to cleanse the cuticle and hyponychium etc. parts of finger nails.

    4. I have suspicions about this being another MAN-MADE germ-warfare virus nearly similar to EBOLA – planted in China but not originally sourced from China!.

    Seton During, London, UK

  4. I must be grateful for your paper’s unflinching support – the information curricula of our beloved land of Sierra Leone.

  5. Congratulations on a newspaper of noble vision. I am interested to know if there is any possibility of a radical inclusion to your “politics, health, sports, economy” sections – yes EDUCATION.

    As a `guest’ in Sierra Leone for over five years, I still seek a platform for honest reporting and updates on where and how the education system is at: e.g., constraints and possibilities. Look forward to hearing from you Mr Thomas.

    Regards Dr Eleni Athinodorou

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