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Yumkella’s national cross-cutting appeal and the 2018 Elections

September 22, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 7

Jimmy D. Kandeh Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 September 2017 In a country where social cleavages seldom cross-cut, it is refreshing to have a candidate in the person of Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella whose political appeal cuts across parties, regions, ethnicity, religion and other solidarities.  The APC and SLPP, as presently constituted, [Read More]


The Rohingya – betrayal is universal for people with no principles

September 22, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Abdulai Mansaray Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 September 2017 Aung San Suu Kyi led the National League for Democracy (NLD) to a majority win in Myanmar’s first openly contested election in 25 years in November 2015.The win came five years to the day since she was released from 15 years of [Read More]

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How SLPP passed off a chance to win the 2018 elections

September 21, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 3

Bockarie K. Sama Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 September 2017 To many of us who quietly support the party but have become rather embarrassed by its self-destructive character of recent, the just concluded Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) delegates’ conference in Kenema has been my last barometer before deciding whether the [Read More]


Journalists in Sierra Leone drag to court by government for so called seditious libel  

September 21, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 September 2017 Four journalists in Sierra Leone working for two popular newspapers – Salone Times and New Age publications respectively, will tomorrow appear in magistrate court in Freetown, to answer charges of fourteen counts of seditious and criminal libel, brought by the government’s National Telecommunications Commission [Read More]


Is president Koroma of Sierra Leone boycotting the UN General Assembly?

September 20, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 2

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 September 2017 Since the announcement of president Koroma’s decision not to attend this year’s United Nations General Assembly Summit, taking place in New York, chins have been wagging and the political rumour mill has been running on overdrive. Many in Sierra Leone believe that the reason [Read More]


Human Rights group calls on government of Sierra Leone to treat female prisoners humanely

September 19, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 0

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 September 2017 The Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI) is calling on the Government of Sierra Leone to curtail the continued unlawful, arbitrary and unjustifiable detention of over 20 innocent Sierra Leonean female citizens by the criminal justice system. CHRDI has been informed that some [Read More]

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SLPP elects a pro-Maada Bio national executive council – has the party shot itself in the foot?

September 18, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 13

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 September 2018 After a weekend of excitement and drama, wrapped up in political machinations and chicanery at the SLPP convention in Kenema, the party has in the very early hours of this morning, elected a new National Executive Council that will oversee the election of its [Read More]

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In politics absurdity is not a handicap

September 17, 2017 Abdul Rashid Thomas 4

Abdulai Mansaray Sierra Leone telegraph: 17 September 2017 The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), the oldest surviving political party in Sierra Leone commenced its three- day election convention in Kenema this weekend, and reports reaching the Sierra Leone Telegraph describe the event as anything but conventional. If anything, the convention [Read More]