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Innovation can unlock Africa’s economic competitiveness

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 April 2014 From the World’s first injectable skeleton regeneration protein to a domestic waste biogas system, ten Africans are innovating the future of the continent. The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) has announced the finalists of the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2014. Ten African [Read More]

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Corruption kills – 5 jailed in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 April 2014: In what has been described in the streets of Freetown as a landmark court judgement, handed down on Thursday, 10th April, 2014, by the High Court, two National Revenue Authority (NRA) officials and three Eco Bank staff, were found guilty of corruption. They have [Read More]

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South Sudan: A civil war by any other name

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 April 2014 After so much global political and financial investments, channeled into creating one of Africa’s newest independent countries – South Sudan, there are questions as to whether the price of independence is worth the suffering and brutality that is now being witnessed in that [Read More]

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NASDAQ OMX partners with the African Press Organisation

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2014  APO (African Press Organization) the sole press release wire in Africa and global leader in media relations related to Africa, announced yesterday that it has become an authorized agency client in Africa for NASDAQ OMX’s GlobeNewswire. GlobeNewswire is one of the world’s largest [Read More]

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Guinea Bissau: Elections, but then what?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2014 Guinea-Bissau’s elections are an important first step, but to address its economic and political fragility, the country needs strong international help, as well as political and military will for reform. In its latest briefing, ‘Guinea-Bissau: Elections, But Then What?’, the International Crisis Group [Read More]

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New ministerial performance contracts – but business as usual

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2014 Sierra Leone may have one of the lowest GDP per capita in the continent, yet it is governed by an unwieldy, largely self-serving and dysfunctional structure – made up of 28 ministries, along with a plethora of departments and agencies. After a decade [Read More]

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Is Sierra Leone prepared for Ebola?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 April 2014 When a deadly outbreak of cholera took place in both Guinea and Sierra Leone two years ago, scores of people died. In Sierra Leone, the government was heavily criticised for lack of preparedness and poor leadership. Health care systems were unable to respond [Read More]