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NEC gaining the confidence of all sides as 2012 election voter registration process picks up pace

22 February 2012 The latest figures released by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on registered voters for the coming November presidential and general elections in Sierra Leone, show a significant surge, after a rather faulty start. It seems the NEC has finally got its act together, following widespread accusations of poor [Read More]


“2012 is the Year for Change in Sierra Leone – and Africa” – says Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP party leader – Maada Bio

22 February 2012 Sierra Leone’s former Head of State – Julius Maada Bio, and now presidential candidate for the opposition SLPP in the forthcoming elections taking place in November, is making tremendous headway in presenting himself and his party as the president and government in waiting. He is calling for [Read More]


Regionalism in Sierra Leone can empower local communities and promote national economic growth

Alpha Kawusu 15 February 2012 Sierra Leone’s overly-centralized system of political and economic governance is partly responsible for the country’s stunted political growth and endemic poverty. Not only has centralized and bureaucratic statism failed to deliver on political stability and sustained economic growth, but it has also fostered the emergence [Read More]