Hope triumphs over fear as Yumkella and Alliance trump Bio

From our correspondent in Freetown

22 June 2016

SLPP prepares for constituency 107 bye election 5

As results of the Sierra Leone People’s Party lower level elections held on Saturday 18 June 2016 emerge, the Sierra Leone People’s Party membership has demonstrated a desire for hope over fear.

Initial results from these elections show that nominees are supportive of Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella’s candidacy for the SLPP presidential nomination.

From the results analysed so far, Yumkella has secured 59 percent of constituencies in the country. KKY supporting candidates have won constituencies in the following districts:

Western Urban District- 30% of constituencies; Port Loko District – 80%; Bombali District – 50%; Kambia District – 90%; Koinadugu District – 100%; Kenema District – 70%; Kono District – 85%; Kailahun District – 0%; Pujehun District – 30%; Moyamba District – 50%.

Bo District is yet to be declared, due to the campaign of violence allegedly orchestrated by supporters of Julius Maada Bio.kandeh yumkella However, Dr. Yumkella is believed to have won 60% of the constituencies that conducted a free and fair poll.

Tonkolili, Bonthe and the Western Rural districts are yet to be confirmed. Despite the skirmishes, which occurred, Yumkella hopes to do very well in Bonthe District where he has the staunch support of the District Council Chairlady.

Despite the claim by Julius Maada Bio that he will defeat John Oponjo Benjamin in his home town, reports emerging show that Benjamin has secured all the constituencies in Kailahun District.

Munda Rogers is believed to have secured 70% of the constituencies in his home district of Pujehun.  Given the level of violence directed towards other candidates, who have not been able to gain the same access to the party offices and to campaign unhindered, it is no surprise that Bio is said to have secured 70% of constituencies in the Western Urban Area.  Outside of Western Area, Bio is understood to have secured 50% of constituencies in Moyamba District.

The outcome of these elections would be greeted with relief that the party can now begin to put behind it, the unnecessary legal actions and meetings with the Party Political Registration Commission (PPRC), chaos caused by the hijacking of the party offices by so called “Benghazi Boys” and weak leadership, due to the continuing undermining of the office of the Chairman and National Executive.

John-Benjamin-SLPPYumkella who attributed his success as a win for the All flag-bearer Alliance and their efforts towards getting the party membership across the country ready for positive change, within the party and country, said that “it is not possible for our Alliance to be defeated in the Western Area where we are all resident and stronger.  Bio’s supporters might defeat my movement, but he cannot defeat Timbo, Benjamin and me, plus others in the Alliance joined together.” (Photo: John Benjamin).

These unofficial results show that Yumkella has emerged as the hot favourite to win the SLPP nomination.

And it demonstrates that party members are fed up of the violent actions of the ‘Paopa faction’ which has left the party completely ineffective in addressing the aspirations of the people of Sierra Leone, in spite of the continuing economic decline and mismanagement under the APC.

The need for unity was foremost in Yumkella’s mind when he said that “this is the time we need to talk more about how the APC has wrecked our economy, and let the people know how men in government are getting richer by the day, while the people go to bed hungry with their children who have been denied quality education.”

Many supporters believe that Bio who is resident in Sierra Leone, cannot now realistically hope to retain a stranglehold on the SLPP, through violence, indiscipline, thuggish behaviour and flouting of the party’s constitutional and governance arrangements.


  1. Rahim Bio,

    What do you mean by “We” in your opening statement below? Does that include your emaciated and cadaverous candidate Julius Bio who is one of 35 children of Late Chief Charlie Bio with nine wives in Tihun village, Sogbeni Chiefdom, Bonthe District?

    Why implicate the KKY team in this unsavory mess of yours? Is’t he or the Correspondent in Freetown that should be held responsible for writing this expository article of Bio’s presidential frailties in Sierra Leone?

    You must be a joke and opinionated big bully indeed.

    Please don’t be angry. Just be cool and behave yourself orderly. For very soon Julius Bio is going to be derobed publicly by Chief Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella. Amen.

  2. What I know is the fact that only Zonal or Sectional elections have been conducted so far; and to be followed by Chiefdom elections, before constituency elections that are slated for the early part of July 2016.

    I should correct Parson that it was not Dr Tengbeh who was attacked by the NPRC officer, but Dr. Tejan Kella at the Auditorium in the soil science department, which was orchestrated by JOB. That resulted in his demise, in the NPRC.

  3. We are glad to see the figures published by KKY team, because this will be an evidence we will produce if they take any court action, after the final results are out. In my opinion, those figures are fabricated. But we leave it like that for now. Truth will not change, but lie changes.

  4. I made a prophecy of this some 2 years ago when people accused Kandeh Yumkella of denying the party. I knew Kandeh when I was a Primary School boy in Njala Mokonde. He used to be one of my late father’s (Zac J. Bah) student sons on campus. He was not troublesome, but feared student for his underground politics and calmly emerging from the back.

    If given the opportunity, Kandeh is likely to improve the country’s economy far more better than the Tejan Kabba era. We could all remember/recall, despite the accusation of bad governance of the Tejan Kabba led administration of the SLPP, that the Tejan Kabba led nation’s governance was far better than the NPRC and Albert Magai eras put together.

    Kandeh is more eager for development than Mohammad Gadaffi (Late), Tejan Kabba (Late), Mugabe (Rtd), Jerry Rowlings (Ex-President) all put together.

    Dr. Alhaji Kandeh Yumkella, in order to achieve your dreams, also consider boarding the following people in your administration: Mr. Paul Abdul Massaquoi (BBC Media Action); Mrs. Catherine Sillah (World Vision); Mr. Luseni Kappia aka Elder Kappia (UNDP-Sierra Leone); Mr. Samuel Fonnie (Rtd); Mr. Kalilu Totange aka Totie (SLPP); Major Paolo Conteh (Rtd); Mr. Sulaiman Antonio Sengeh (Principal – Centennial SSS). God is my witness in recommending these guys for result.

    Bravo Kandeh!

  5. Joe Parson,

    I was on the ground at NUC campus on that fateful night when an unfortunate incident occurred against all the students for standing up in favor of Dr. Tengbeh’s mistreatment by an NPRC officer aka Lt. Valuable. This officer was a student of Dr. Tengbeh, and they had bitter confrontation with each other in class.

    It was this very officer, Lt. Valuable, at Mokonde Night Club that asked Dr. Tengbeh to rise and give up his seat to him, which his then Lecturer deliberately refused to do.

    Lt. Valuable became very mad at this and decided to rough up Dr. Tengbeh beyond belief by slapping and kicking him. When the students heard of this regrettable fiasco, they all rushed in to defend their Lecturer. It was at this ugly moment that all the military personnel started shooting with live bullets at us, the students. Everybody ran helter-skelter and took cover from the ensuing gunfire.

    In the morning, the Late Principal Prof. Harry Turay of NUC had a meeting with us and Dr. Tengbeh. He asked us to be patient and cautious in life…

    Mr. John Benjamin was heard saying at the time: “The Secretary of State has gone to sleep.” However, upon his return to Freetown he (JOB) was sacked because the buck stopped with him as head of the delegation to Njala.

    Joe, you might have heard of this appalling incident that happened at NUC in early 1990s during a Field Day Show. But, you got it all wrong and absolutely know nothing about what REALLY took place. Please STOP your heretic and disingenuous lying any how. Shame on you!

    Of course, it is your constitutional and legal right to support anyone for the presidency, including rt. brig. Julius Bio. But, I can assure you that this time around and by the ballot box he will NOT be President of Sierra Leone.

    For everything is in favor of Chief Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella to INSPIRE the people of the Land That We Love. Say whatever you want, but don’t be jealous of his remarkable leadership credentials.

    I ask that you STOP wasting your time disdainfully and support him instead. Amen.

  6. Kandeh Yumkella will never lead Madda Bio in any votes. He and his failure politicians alliance will smell state house but will never reach there. SLPP will never make such mistakes with a man who faked his registration and called our SLPP dysfunctional party will never lead that party.

    • Tkpaka, credentials like those Kandeh Yumkella has, should be seen as been far from fake, not even for his followers. We should start considering the kind of people we accuse especially in the public scenery. Kandeh never thought of faking the world in the UN.

      How can he fake a small party, not even the country, of registration details. Please think of the path this guy has walked to get to this level. Who is your candidate and what is his/her contribution to the globe.

      This guy is wanted by other countries as the brain behind their development. Why do we want to throw away an opportunity we already have, while others are yawning for it and they don’t have. What are the real landmarks of your candidate, if I may ask?

  7. We just hope and pray that with all this celebrated victory, we will not see the legal team of the KKY movement heading for the Court with another petition. Me laf done crack…..

  8. People are seated, waiting to see the new executive members. Being an executive member does not mean that you will go against what the entire membership likes. You call Julius Maada Bio the paopa leader, but some members are so vicious for power that they are bent on destroying what the majority wants.

    Julius Maada Bio has demonstrated throughout his lifetime, as a peaceful and dedicated citizen. Talking about violence in the party, we have people like JOB who are violent more than anybody in that party. He even demonstrated his violence, when he was made Chief Secretary of State under NPRC Government years back.

    He went to Njala University College and instructed his body guards to open fire in Njala. He went to a night club at Njala and asked a senior lecturer to give him a seat. The Lecturer happened to be a classmate of his at Segbwema.

    The lecturer told him jokingly: “JOB, I am educated more than you, irrespective of your position now as CSOS. so you cannot come here and ask me to give up my seat.” Upon hearing that, his bodyguards grew offended and started shooting indiscriminately in Njala.

    Upon his arrival in Freetown, he was stripped off by Valentine Strasser of that position and replaced by SAJ Musa. That is the reason why, JOB will never support Julius Maada Bio. Even when APC won that election fraudulently, it was him as King maker who convinced Julius Maada Bio to accept the results. What a hypocrite.

    The Alliance formed against this poor boy will not work. It is just a waste of time. People are bent on seeing us suffer under the APC come 2018. Because without Julius Maada Bio as flag bearer, we will instead support the APC.

    We will not support the KKY movement in anyway. They should be ready to form another party as they did last under NPRC by forming NUP-Feed the people. LONTA!

  9. These figures are the figment of the KKY campaign team imagination. They must be taken not even with a pinch of salt, let alone given any credence.

    Let us wait for NEC to announce the official results, which will tell us the facts. KKY may have no doubt won some votes, but the margin of success cannot be deduced from these figures.

    My observation however is that the KKY people are way in front and on the ball with their campaign and public relations tactics., while the other sides have gone to sleep. LOL

  10. Gbessay Ehlogima Sam Momoh,

    On June 13, you wrote and said that:

    “Kandeh Yumkella is not the right person to lead SLPP and this nation. I advise that he ‘join’ the University of Makeni to lecture Sustainable Energy. He is another Kabbah from the UN and from the north to mislead SLPP.”

    So what happened that Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella was able to secure 70% of the votes in your hometown, Kenema District? Any explanation to this very wonderful and amazing result?

    By the way, I have told you before (and repeat again) that the Late President Tejan Kabbah was not from the “North” but the East, Pendembu in Kailahun District.

    Please check this up and save yourself from further lying to the people of Sierra Leone. Amen.

    • I want to quickly counter Mr. Momoh’s statement that because KKY is from the North, he cannot lead the SLPP. It is unfortunate. Is the SLPP only for South/Easterners? I beg to differ.

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