vice president Jalloh and Samura Kamara at the Bombay Street mosque 3

vice president Jalloh and Samura Kamara at the Bombay Street mosque 3


  1. Then, Mr. Abdul Salam, what is your truth?. Do not hang it. We have religious tolerance in our country. Let us put aside political affiliations when dealing with the one thing that holds us together.

  2. A sad day for Mama Salone. A Muslim congregation with the support of the Iman expelling and totally rejecting their brother Muslim – the VP of the country, for a Christian who most fanatic and radicalized Muslims call “Kafiri” – i.e. “Pagan”. Is this a true Muslim place of worship or a tribalistic, fanatic bunch of crazy, radicalized separatist tribal born Muslim worshippers. Are these real or fake Muslims. They have demonstrated the beginning of the end of the Muslim brotherhood.

    Shame on the Iman and his congregation for their rude and sinful behaviour in the house of God. Iman you should have peacefully allowed these two respectable citizens to speak to your congregation. Shame on the Iman. I am a Christian and I will never reject my fellow Christians for money, tribal or political reason. Don’t forget to turn the light off when leaving the mosque and make sure you lock the gate.

    • Get your fact straight Mike. Muslims call kafir a person who does not believe in the existence of God. A Christian could not and would not be called a ‘kafir’ since he believes in God….Therefore, to even label Samura a kafir is not only ignorant to the core but an insult to the man’s personality as a devout Christian who believes in the existence of ALLAH / GOD / JEHOVAH /ADUNAI / JAH ..etc..So please let us be moderate in the use of words we don’t have a clue about.

    • Shame on you Michael Tucker for not knowing the truth about the incident and writing lies. Some of you misguided people are so bent on fanning the fire of tribal, religious and regional bigotry.

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