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Ray of hope of Sierra Leone achieving Zero Ebola cases by mid-July

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 June 2015: This week saw the weekly confirmed Ebola cases reported in Sierra Leone reaching a two-month high of sixteen cases, up from only two a month ago – says the International Office for Migration (IOM) in Sierra Leone. In a report published today, IOM says [Read More]

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Can Africa fund its own growth?

Tonderayi Mukeredzi Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 June 2015 Despite witnessing exceptional growth in development finance in recent years, Africa is still faced with the arduous task of mobilizing adequate resources to fund its growth and future transformation agenda. Given the paucity of external development assistance, and low commodity prices for [Read More]

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Ebola’s most affected countries lobby for funds for hospital infrastructure

Kingsley Ighobor Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 June 2015 On 10 May 2015, a day after the World Health Organization declared Liberia Ebola-free, stern-faced health officials were holding marathon meetings in different rooms at the country’s health ministry. Their business-like mood contrasted with the celebratory atmosphere on the streets of the [Read More]

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“Yes – I am passionate about the Bondo Society” – says Dr. Sia Ahmadu

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 June 2015 Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu’s (Photo) article about so called FGM published here, was always going to be highly controversial and thought provoking. But this is nothing new for Sierra Leone’s most formidable African women empowerment advocate and champion. Almost single-handedly taking on the rich [Read More]


Is Bondo for white women now? Caitlyn Jenner’s “initiation” into western womanhood

Fuambai Sia Ahmadu, PhD (Editor in-Chief and Publisher – SiA Magazine) Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 June 2015 A couple of weeks or so ago Reverend Kabs Kanu’s Cocorioko, published a cover picture of some random, recycled internet image of a presumably African woman – her arms flailing and she is [Read More]

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What African women want in 2015

Ecoma Alaga  and Ndidi Anyaegbunam Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 June 2015 At this year’s annual summit of the African Union, attending leaders declared 2015 the Year of Women’s Empowerment, in acknowledgement of the increasing role women are playing in Africa’s development. (Photo: Market women protesting in Freetown). The declaration comes [Read More]

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Celebratory rise in African women’s political participation – women legislators inches upward

Kingsley Ighobor Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 June 2015 A few weeks after she was sworn in as Malawi’s first female president, Joyce Banda (Photo: Left – with Sirleaf) travelled to Liberia in late April 2012 to meet President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who has occupied Liberia’s highest office since January 2006. [Read More]


VP Foh asserts commitment to Sierra Leone women empowerment

John Baimba Sesay-Freetown Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 June 2015 Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh on Friday, 12 June, said that the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma  gives great  prominence to the issue of women empowerment and gender equality, as could be seen in Pillar 8 of the [Read More]

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Sierra Leone parliamentary report into missing Ebola funds is a whitewash

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 June 2015 The long awaited parliamentary report into the missing $14 million Ebola funds, that was last Thursday presented to parliament by committee chairman Chernor Bah, is nothing but a whitewash and a travesty of justice. The publication of this report follows the strong criticisms and [Read More]