SLPP UK Ireland executives call for peace and unity in the Sierra Leone People’s Party

SLPP UK and Ireland Branch Secretariat Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 January 2017 Following the recent and persistent spate of gross indiscipline and wanton insubordination, culminating in the political infamy of 17th December 2016, we, the bona–fide members of the SLPP United Kingdom and Ireland Region wish it be known by [Read More]

Economy & Business

Sierra Leone president Koroma in Israel – but can he serve two masters?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 January 2017 President Koroma has made his first visit to Israel since becoming president in 2007, and in less than fifteen months before leaving office. (Photo: Courtesy of epa). His visit to Israel is as symbolic as it is historic. But policy analysts are questioning why [Read More]

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Doubts widen over ownership and authenticity of the alleged original picture of Bai Bureh

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 January 2017 As the plot thickens over claims and counter claims of the authenticity and ownership of an original Bai Bureh photograph, which the Sierra Leone government minister reverend Kabs Kanu claims to have been donated to him continues, one has to ask: what and who [Read More]

News in Perspective

Sierra Leone government minister plenipotentiary accused of corruption   

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 January 2017 Sierra Leone government minister plenipotentiary to the UN – the Reverend Kabs Kanu, who is also the proprietor and editor in chief of the Cocorioko newspaper – published in New Jersey, USA,  is being accused of corruption, after a significant historical relic valued at [Read More]


Human rights group calls for Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission to be more effective

CHRDI Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 January 2017 The Campaign for Human Rights and Development International-CHRDI welcomes the invitation for a genuine and transparent partnership to fight against graft in Sierra Leone. This is a call that has been made by many Sierra Leoneans who reacted to our Press Release in [Read More]


Senior SLPP national executives fallen on their swords as balance of power shifts

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 January 2017 There has been a seismic shift in power in the National Executive Council (NEC) of Sierra Leone’s main opposition SLPP party tonight, after the council voted at its meeting in the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown to expel and suspend some of its most [Read More]

In Focus

Sierra Leone’s Anti-graft agency reacts to allegations in campaign group report

Nabillahi-Musa Kamara Director – National Anti-Corruption Strategy Secretariat Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 January 2017 The attention of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been drawn to a publication titled:“CHRDI Condemns the ACC and urges government to do more to fight corruption;”authored by the Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), [Read More]

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Rights group CHRDI alleges serious corruption within the Sierra Leone Anti -Corruption Commission 

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 January 2017   Rights advocacy group in Sierra Leone – Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), last week published what it says is a damning report alleging serious corruption within the country’s anti-graft agency – the ACC. According to the CHRDI report, “…the ACC [Read More]