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To Rio and beyond: Africa seeks sustainable solutions – paving the path to “the future we want”

22 June 2012 Twenty years ago, world leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a ground-breaking summit on environment and development. They are meeting again this June for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, known as “Rio+20.” The stakes for Africa are enormous. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon knocks [Read More]

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As police violence escalates in Sierra Leone – South Africa attempts to put its house in order

21 June 2012 Report from APO says that the arrests in South Africa of members of a police unit allegedly linked to numerous unlawful killings and incidents of torture, is a breakthrough in fighting impunity for grave human rights violations in the country, quoting an Amnesty International report today. The [Read More]


Waste management in Sierra Leone: ‘Garbage and malaria – two bedfellows?’

Alinah O. Bockarie 21 June 2012 “If proper measures are not taken, the Sierra Leonean population would dwindle.” “Hah! Is this some kind of joke or what? What makes you say such a thing?” I listened to the conversation between two male adults playing a game of draught under a [Read More]

Economy & Business

Decentralised public service in Sierra Leone gets a boost from the European Union

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 June 2012: The growing call for more and better decentralised public services in Sierra Leone has received a financial boost. The European Union has released $6 million it had approved in December last year, in support of the World Bank’s funded project costing $32 million. The government [Read More]


“President Koroma is too weak to lead this country for another five miserable years”

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 June 2012: Sierra Leone’s main opposition party – the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party, has today spoken about the series of police shootings, which have had fatal consequences and the worsening security situation in the country. Speaking at the party’s monthly press briefing at their head office [Read More]

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Has the government of Sierra Leone issued a shoot to kill policy to the police force?

20 June 2012 As a young police officer appeared in court yesterday, charged with the murder – unlawful shooting of a young motorbike rider near York in Freetown, questions must now be asked as to whether the police officer had the authority to open fire on the bike rider. Questions [Read More]


“Sorry Mr. President we are just doing our job”

19 June 2012 When president Koroma threatened to turn on the screw on sections of the media during a speech at an event in Freetown, organised by the government’s own Open Government Initiative, there was widespread disquiet and consternation. Although there have been ugly cases of harassment and police brutality [Read More]


“Sierra Leone is losing about $29 million a year to illegal fishing operators” – stealing from the poor

Alinah O. Bockarie 17 June 2012 “We have set the records straight! Any vessel that wants to fish on our waters must do so through the right channel and comply with the laws of Sierra Leone,” says Salieu Sankoh, the National Project Coordinator of WARFP-SL (West Africa Regional Fisheries Project [Read More]