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Sierra Leone’s tertiary education institutions to sign performance contracts

27 January 2012 State House, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) have met with Principals and Heads of Tertiary Education Institutions, to discuss the need for those working in the sector to agree and sign Performance Contracts with the President. The meeting was also attended [Read More]

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World Bank approves US$24 million to help tackle poverty in Sierra Leone

27 January 2012 The World Bank has today boosted the efforts of the government of Sierra Leone in tackling poverty, by approving a US$24 million funding package, under the fifth Governance Reform and Growth Credit (GRGC) Programme. The funding will help president Koroma pursue economic growth and implement necessary structural [Read More]

Economy & Business

World Bank has a new Director for Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 January 2012 The World Bank has appointed Mr. Yusupha B. Crookes as Country Director for Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. His appointment takes effect from 1st March, 2012. Yusupha will be based at the World Bank’s Office in Accra. Yusupha – a Gambian national, joined the [Read More]

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President Koroma sacks Energy Minister as electricity supply becomes an election issue

25 January 2012 Report from State House says that the minister of Energy and Water Resources – Professor Ogunlade Davidson, has been relieved of his duties with immediate effect. Although sources at State House did not confirm the reason for the minister’s dismissal, observers say that his sacking may not [Read More]


Sierra Leone – bad politicians and the imperilled state

Alpha Kawusu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 January 2012: Recent developments in Sierra Leone have not only raised questions about the country’s commitment to democracy, but have actually once again put at risk, that dreadful possibility of disintegrating into chaos and anarchy. Putting it differently, Sierra Leone has once more become [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s national security imperatives

Mohamed Kutubu Koroma 25 January 2012 Today, the civilized world unfortunately has to contend with merchants of hate and parasites of passion, motivated by the twin axis of terrorism and territorial expansionist designs, such as Guinea’s illegal occupation of what is clearly a sovereign property of Sierra Leone – Yenga. [Read More]


Ten reasons why President Koroma is ‘best’ president Sierra Leone has had

Austin Thomas: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2012: I want to agree with president Koroma’s supporters that we need to give him a second term in office, as according to them; “he is the best leader Sierra Leone has ever produced.” In just four years in office as president he has [Read More]

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ICC sends prominent Kenyans to trial for post-election violence: Lessons for Sierra Leone

24 January 2012 Sierra Leone is fast becoming notorious for its pre and post elections violence, despite the horrors of a bloody civil war that lasted for over ten years and took the lives of 200,000 people. As the country prepares for presidential, parliamentary and local elections this coming November, [Read More]


“More people in Africa’s poorest countries have mobile phones than have bank accounts” – says Africa Renewal

24 January 2012 Success in tackling poverty in Africa and driving forwards the wheels of wealth creation will come from innovation and mass utilization of new technology platforms, especially mobile telephony. Already, the impact of mobile telephone technology in Africa is immense – especially as regards people to people connectivity. [Read More]