SLPP UK and Ireland – It is time for pragmatic thinking

Abdulai Braima

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 June 2016

Violence at SLPP office - 24 August 2015

This is Sierra Leone. There is, here, no pampering pillow to cuddle. What there is, is a pulverising political war, raging like a consuming inferno that will sculpture no saint

If we in the SLPP cannot fight together to avert the onset of a looming de facto dictatorship, then we must be prepared to perish together in our various isolated dungeons.

The current spectacle is a grinding crush that heavily lends itself to a paralysing inability to feel the weighty import of that which is at stake, for our party and our nation.

The reigning style in vogue seems to favour the crudest rogues. Yet it shows nothing stylish.

At all levels of the inter and intra political divide, we seem to be engaged in the rudest metaphor of a relentless exercise, in a political self-pleasuring that is punitively self-consuming.

Such a masochistic macabre undertaking, represents an utter desecration of the truly lofty ideals of our revered Founding Fathers, and a criminally culpable disservice to the very tenets of our democracy, whose workable rubrics demand a strong functioning opposition: un-bought and un-cowed.

But what do we have?

Sorry to see you bowing your head so low. You should be nursing the gaping gash inflicted on you by the harrowing answers flashing through your head. Mine has been pulsating loud and long enough.

slpp musical chairsAnd that is precisely why serious ‘Stakeholders’ on all sides of a severely splintered SLPP UK&I, need to bare their teeth and bite the bitter pill of peace. For its no secret that if we get it right in the UK&I, we would have given a healing shot to the ailing arm of a sunken trunk that is in need of every bit of Care.

As the ruling APC delays its predictable implosion (in a ‘More Time’ Talabi Dance), they are happy to stand aside – as Puppet Masters do, and rub their hands with glee at our bickering show of savage buffoonery.

Do we have to repeat this? We need to move really fast, and reset the ticking clock of self-destruction.

That should also mean that time is up for the ‘Cuss Cuss Merchants’ on all sides. They’ve had their inglorious day on the stinking stage. It is now time to move to the next Scene.

We now need on stage, people with the brain and soul to salvage the SLPP party and our country. Surely, together, we can weave a walkable green way that can thread us out of this messy mesh.

SLPP UKI Ansu SillahAnd that is why I believe that the brave and bold proposal tabled by the democratically elected Chairman of the SLPP UK&I – Mr Ansu Sillah in that London Community Hall last Saturday – 11th June 2016, needs to be fully, fearlessly, and quickly embraced by all of us.

Since the good brother invited “the brothers and sisters on the other side”, to “put their mandate to the acid test” of democratic renewal, and secure the undivided consensus of the entire membership of the SLPP UK&I, many members have begun to recognise the fairness, through the fumes of this futile family feud.

To anyone that can better that palpably positive proposal with a workable counter – the floor is open.

But if all you have is the same old tired trash of political backstabbing, soaked in RED-hot brainless insults, then please stay stuck on the sidelines. For it is almost past time for the ascent of the pragmatic thinkers.

If you are there, please rise and be counted.

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  1. My calculation of Mr. Ansu Sillah about his connection with SLPP UK/I is that he should now wake up from his dream of being elected as a Chairman of our branch party.

    There is only one SLPPUK/I and there is a chairman that has been elected in the person of Mr. Mohamed Yongawo who has also been recognised by the main party in Sierra Leone. Therefore all of us in UK must respect this and obey even when it is not to our wish. That is what democracy is about.

    If he wants to consider himself as elected chairman in future, he must join in unity with the approved and recognised set and work harder to be recognised for such position in future branch election.

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