Makeni violence 18072020 – 2

Makeni violence 18072020 – 2

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  1. It all happens because of lawlessness they refuse to abide to. Sierra Leoneans are not disciplined and do not abide to rules and regulations. They are always ready to fight. Now, they are complaining about President Bio. My question who is now the next the culprit? Tell me which president’s leadership in Sierra Leone has not received their own share of political propaganda? It is a question. Sierra Leoneans are rebellious and forget their wrong doings and focus on the other. Why were they shot? What prompted the shootings if they had abided and obeyed the laws. Sierra Leoneans must learn to be law abiding and stop nagging like suckling babies, obey rules and regulations and own unto your deeds and stop blaming others for their downfall.

    As for fake journalist such as Sylvia Blyden she deserves what she gets, she was never a journalist nor does she have any media qualifications. She is and was medical Doctor which she never practiced and instead established a news media to defer all the standards of journalism with libel against political leaders, who refuse to play on her demands. She destroyed Hinga Norman and she reported false defamatory news on Ernest Koroma and supported Berewa but she did everything to hinder president Koroma’s reputation just for Berewa to win elections. But as God will have it at that time, Koroma won elections. Sylvia again switched from SLPP To APC and was given position without checking her record books.

    Sylvia Blyden has gone through all political houses from SLPP, PMDC and back to APC and unfortunately APC offered her position. In the Lure of such she wanted to cross over to SLPP President Bio, but because Bio government failed to accept her, she then went back on a rampage with her old ways of falsifying information in reporting libel. My question now is who is barbaric and causing problems for their fellow Sierra Leoneans?

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