Makeni violence 18072020 – 1

Makeni violence 18072020 – 1

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  1. Is Sierra Leone still in the Warlord era? I thought that era ended in 1928. No wonder President Bio and the Bio SLPP have now become friends of China. Chinaaaaaah!, they shout even before daybreak. Will investors ever come to Sierra Leone with such barbarity and brutal crackdown on peaceful Sierra Leoneans, just asking the Bio SLPP officials to leave their generator alone? Look at all those graphic images world wide? What a disastrous image for a country seeking investors. President Bio and his Bio SLPP are really struggling to rule Sierra Leone. They can’t rule Sierra Leone. What a shame!

    I don’t believe men like Mr Idrissa Elba who earned their wealth, by working very hard are even thinking about investing in Sierra Leone these days. With such barbarity and political instability? I doubt it very much. My question now is this – How many more Sierra Leoneans are going to die in the dictators den before the International community says – enough is enough. God Bless Idris Elba, the people of Makeni and the APC. TBC.

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