Minister of Finance and the Government’s Consolidated Funds: Where is the taxpayers money?

Alpha Amadu Jalloh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 April 2024:

In the heart of Sierra Leone’s bustling streets, amidst the cries of hardship and the flickering lights of businesses struggling to survive eletricity blackout, a singular question echoes louder than ever: Where is the taxpayers’ money?

As Sierra Leoneans grapple with the harsh realities of daily life, exacerbated by recent events such as the Karpower saga, their patience wears thin.

Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan and the Lenten Season, fasting was coupled with the arduous task of making ends meet in a country where electricity, a basic necessity, remains a luxury.

The Karpower Electricity Ship looms over the horizon of Sierra Leone’s economic landscape, casting a shadow of doubt and frustration.

Reports affirm that the Government of Sierra Leone owes the Türkiye-based company a staggering sum of Forty-Eight Million United States Dollars. Yet, amidst prepaid meters and electricity payments, Sierra Leoneans are left bewildered where do their hard-earned funds vanish?

The spotlight turns to Mr. Sheku Ahmed Fanta Madi Bangura (Photo: shaking hands with President Bio), the Minister tasked with safeguarding the nation’s financial interests. Sierra Leoneans demand answers. How did we arrive at this dire financial state?

What became of the payments made for essential services? The silence from the Ministry of Finance resonates louder than any promise of accountability.

In a nation where presidential travels and luxuries are funded without restraint, the plight of the people takes a backseat. The Minister, appointed to serve the interests of the populace, appears to have forsaken his duty. Sierra Leoneans cry out for justice. They demand accountability from those entrusted with their welfare.

The call for action reverberates beyond the Minister of Finance’s office. The Minister of Energy, seemingly sidelined and undermined, faces mounting pressure to resign.

President Julius Maada Bio, charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the nation’s interests, cannot remain deaf to the cries of his people. Priority must shift from personal indulgence to public welfare.

Sierra Leoneans seek not just answers but action. The Minister of Finance must be held accountable, and those who fail to prioritize the people’s needs must face the consequences. In a nation plagued by hardship, unity and accountability pave the path to progress.

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