Abdul Rashid Thomas5

Abdul Rashid Thomas5


  1. Mr Matturi I have always maintained that Mr Thomas deserves to be regarded as a national treasure in Sierra Leone; And I also believe he would’ve done a much better job as a moderator than Chris Wallace on the Trump and Biden debate because of his upfront, and no-nonsense way of doing things. Mr Thomas is a principled man, and Joe Biden would’ve been thrilled to have such a competent man presiding over an important political discussion highlighting issues of great magnitude, but for sure, a self-centered, attention seeking, unruly Donald Trump would’ve been totally at odds with him.(lol)

  2. A Disgraceful and embarrassing stuff I’ve ever seen in my life time, happened in America. Why was Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas, Editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph not asked to moderate the first Biden – Trump Presidential debate? I believe, a moderator must have the ability to shut down participants if they don’t abide by the rules. Simple as that. See how he intervenes skilfully and professionally when people crossover the lines on this glorious platform. He sometimes just shut participants down if they cross the mark. But that did not happen during the Trump-Biden debate. Can you imagine such an awkward, disgraceful, embarrassing and unbelievable exercise happening in America? By the way, I was the first to be given the red flag on this glorious platform this year. Mind you, no one is immune. Follow the rules. God bless Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas and this glorious platform. Amen and Amen.

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