“We can no longer attribute the President’s decisions to sheer ignorance”

Professor Kelfala Kallon 17 December 2011 My initial reactions to President Koroma’s economic policies, which I summarized in an article titled “APC KohKhnomimics” in December 2007, was that the economic mis-steps of his government were borne out of ignorance of modern economic principles, and an adherence to economic fetishism that [Read More]

News in Perspective

Is the ACC losing its case against the Mayor before the start of hearing?

The seriousness and gravity of the charges read out in Court against the Mayor of Freetown – Herbert Williams and his co-accused last week, are such that all eyes are now on the Anti-Corruption Commission, to ensure that the case against the accused is water-tight, and that they have done [Read More]

No Picture

Is Sierra Leone’s development being crippled by a lack of political vision?

Along with the snowballing fiscal problems that some in the media have cited, I would also add the very discouraging rise of ‘state nannyism’ introduced by both SLPP and APC. For example: Kabbah was famous for his “no one will go to bed hungry by 2007”, whilst President Bai Koroma [Read More]

Education and Health

Violation of people’s right to health in Sierra Leone

The president has during his first term in office taken steps to improve the health sector in Sierra Leone. He has increased the salaries of health practitioners and introduced Free Medical Care for under-fives, pregnant and lactating women. These steps have undoubtedly improved the lives of this group of people. [Read More]