‘Elections matter’ – says British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone

20 February 2012 With elections in Sierra Leone just nine months away, already there are anxieties and fears of looming violence and electoral fraud, which many say makes a mockery of democracy and the need for elections. Some in Sierra Leone are even calling for the formation of a government [Read More]


Civil society, good governance and development

Austin Thomas 18 February 2012 Sierra Leone will soon be celebrating its 51 years of independence, yet good governance, democracy and development are as elusive as the civil liberty that many other countries take so much for granted. Despite vast mineral and other natural resources, we have experienced nothing else [Read More]


Regionalism in Sierra Leone can empower local communities and promote national economic growth

Alpha Kawusu 15 February 2012 Sierra Leone’s overly-centralized system of political and economic governance is partly responsible for the country’s stunted political growth and endemic poverty. Not only has centralized and bureaucratic statism failed to deliver on political stability and sustained economic growth, but it has also fostered the emergence [Read More]


Can recent reforms in Sierra Leone beat the effects of global economic downturn?

13 February 2012 The global economic decline which started in 2007 is having a huge impact on world trade and financial investments. But for Sub-sahara African countries such as Sierra Leone, the human costs of the global economic downturn, added to the perennial problems of corruption and poor governance, demands [Read More]


“Enormous opportunities for cross-border trade within Africa remain unexploited” – says World Bank

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 February 2012: With African leaders now calling for a continental free trade area by 2017 to boost trade within the continent, a new World Bank report shows how African countries are losing out on billions of dollars in potential trade earnings every year. This is because [Read More]


Are the ruling APC party re-arming, deploying and registering ex-combatants in the opposition SLPP’s strongholds?

8 February 2012 A series of press statements issued by the opposition SLPP in the last few days, have provoked a bitter response from the ruling APC party and government, who are now threatening Court action against the SLPP. They are accusing the opposition SLPP of “seditious libel”. Yesterday’s heated [Read More]

Economy & Business

Get ready for the 6th Africa Economic Forum 2012: ‘Shaping Africa’s Future’

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 February 2012: The sixth Africa Economic Forum – ‘Shaping Africa’s Future’, organized by Global Pacific & Partners, will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on the 5 – 7 March, 2012. Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO of Global Pacific & Partners, says: “Our focus [Read More]