Farmers in Sierra Leone attend business and entrepreneural skills training

20 March 2012 The Sierra Leone Chamber of Agribusiness Development (SLeCAD) in collaboration with IOM Netherlands, has concluded a three weeks training in Business Development, Communication Management and Web Management skills development for farming organizations in the Western Area. The training session was conducted by trainers from the Netherlands – [Read More]

Economy & Business

Currency shortage in Sierra Leone – ‘a tale of two forces’?

Alpha Kawusu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 March 2012: Over the years, Sierra Leone has experienced shortages mainly in electricity, drinking water, petrol, and certain basic food items. But what is different this time is that at least twice in the last six months, this trend has been extended to the [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s election 2012 – it’s about corruption and economic mismanagement stupid!

Yusuf Keketoma Sandi 20 March 2012 As we draw closer to ‘Red letter day’ – 17th November, it has become more obvious that our elections will be fought out between two opposing sets of people. On the one side, there are those political opportunists – the vested interests and APC [Read More]


Why the SLPP should avoid a repeat of the 2007 Charles Margai debacle?

Professor Michael Conteh 19 March 2012 The most intriguing political news making the rounds in Sierra Leone today is the decision of the Kailahun District Chairman – Retired Lieutenant Colonel – Tom Nyuma, to swap the green political jersey of the opposition SLPP for the ruling APC’s red. In a [Read More]


Is it another APC praise-singer or a Sierra Leone Government’s Press Attaché?

Alpha Kargbo 19 March 2012 Jobs carry responsibilities that people who have them must live up to at all times. To live up to those responsibilities, however, requires that one commands a detailed understanding of the job role. It is but all now clear to us – Sierra Leoneans, that [Read More]

News in Perspective

“Liberia’s economic prospects for 2012 and over the medium term remain favourable” – says IMF

17 March 2012 The people of Liberia gave their vote of confidence to President Helen Sirleaf Johnson, after a tense and sometimes violent election, which saw the president extending an olive branch to former rebel fighter – opposition leader Prince Johnson. Many have described this messy political forge as a [Read More]


Tom Nyuma’s defection to APC is a blessing in disguise for the opposition SLPP

Alpha Kargbo 17 March 2012 It is truly a blessing in disguise that Tom Nyuma has left the opposition SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party). Looking closely into his character, it is easy to note that he has a serious ability problem – a factor that led to his deportation from [Read More]


Is the cross-border voter registration in Sierra Leone legal?

Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow 15 March 2012 On 27 February 2012, a press statement issued by Coalition for Justice and Accountability (COJA) was published in various newspapers in Sierra Leone. The press statement highlighted the illegality of the cross-border registrations that were taking place in some parts of Sierra Leone. On [Read More]