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Another printing press established in Sierra Leone

Poindexter Sama The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 September 2013 The Call to Business (C2B) Foundation, striving to develop small and medium sized enterprises in Sierra Leone, has launched a printing press on Wednesday, at its office, along Old Railway Line, Brookfields, in the West End of Freetown. Call to Business-Sierra [Read More]

News in Perspective

U.S. Congress representatives visiting Sierra Leone’s parliament

Austin Thomas – Our Freetown Correspondent 13 September 2013 Two retired members of the United States Congress – Barbara Kennelly and Jim Kolbe have arrived in Sierra Leone, and are scheduled to visit the Houses of Parliament next month. They will engage with the country’s members of parliament, as part [Read More]

News in Perspective

Sierra Leone’s deputy education minister accused of rape

Austin Thomas – Our Freetown Correspondent The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 September 2013 One of president Koroma’s closest political allies in his government – the deputy minister of education, Mahmoud Tarawally, has been relieved of his duties, following his arrest by police on Tuesday, 10 September, after a school girl [Read More]


Has president Koroma’s agenda failed?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 September 2013 Despite intense attempts by ministers and media handlers of the Koroma government to present Sierra Leone as a country that is fast moving forward economically, the reality on the ground proves otherwise. Poverty is rising as joblessness and falling standards of living continue [Read More]


Sierra Leone football impasse

Austin Thomas  The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 September 2013 “We are not going to play, no matter the threat,’’ says Siraji Rollings Kamara, who is the spokesman for the aggrieved party of football stakeholders, and also chairman of premier League club – Central Parade. Kamara said that they will meet [Read More]


Sierra Leone: Waste management challenges

Zainab Tunkara Clarkson The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 September 2013 As the urban population of Freetown grows to an estimated 1.2 million people, so too are the burden associated with waste management. This is due to a combination of  factors, including, but not limited to the absence of a tough [Read More]

Dele Awoonor-Gordon

Sierra Leone: Hiring hyenas to protect our goats

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 September 2013 Thousands of people in one of Africa’s poorest countries are going hungry today, because of a biofuel “land grab” deal. ActionAid accuses the Swiss company Addax Bioenergy of threatening livelihoods in rural communities in Sierra Leone, where it runs an [Read More]

Education and Health

Childhood diseases – a major threat in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 September 2013 Children in sub-Saharan Africa are now less likely to die from diarrhea and pneumonia. But these illnesses are still the most common causes of childhood death and sickness in most African countries, according to a new report published this week by the World [Read More]