We are on the road to building a very strong and unified APC Party – says Foh

John Baimba Sesay – Freetown Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 September 2015 The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone on Wednesday 9th September ruled that the President of Sierra Leone has the power under the 1991 constitution to remove the country’s Vice President. (Photo: John Baimba – left, talking to VP Foh). [Read More]

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Is the Sierra Leone People’s party now poised to breaking up along regional lines?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 September 2015 Today, it seems, is yet another dark day for the rank and file members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), who unwittingly are being dragged down by some prominent party zealots, into the precipice of political oblivion. Kandeh Yumkella’s public declaration a few [Read More]

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Alie Kabba speaks about his presidential aspirations and how Sierra Leone can be made better

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 September 2015 Take a cursory look at the long list of SLPP presidential aspirants and you will see that the party is not short of quality leadership. But there are a few that are standing heads and shoulders above the rest, assuming tribalism is not a [Read More]

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Today’s Court decision is clear and willful disregard for the tenets of our constitution

Alie Kabba – Presidential aspirant (SLPP) Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 September 2015 Just today, when hardworking men and women of Sierra Leone are going about their daily business, trying to provide for their families with the honest sweat from their brows, the Supreme Court – the guardian of our constitution, [Read More]


Political interference in Sierra Leone Supreme Court ruling?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 September 2015: There was drama in the corridors of Sierra Leone’s Supreme Court in Freetown yesterday, after the marathon reading of judgement by the five Supreme Court Judges, in the constitutional case involving the former vice president Sam Sumana and president Koroma. And it is not yet [Read More]


SLPP must promote political tolerance and inclusiveness – says National Commission for Democracy

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 September 2015 Sierra Leone’s main opposition political party – the Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP) has in the last few weeks, attracted a lot of unnecessary criticisms and condemnation across the country and abroad, for all the wrong reasons – violence and overt discrimination. (Photo: Some [Read More]

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Exclusive – presidential aspirant Alie kabba speaks about his hopes and aspirations

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 September 2015 On Friday 11th September 2015, the Sierra Leone Telegraph will publish an interview with the SLPP presidential aspirant – Mr. Alie Kabba (Photo). Mr. Kabba will be visiting the UK next week, to meet with his supporters and well-wishers.    

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New case of Ebola in Sierra Leone as Liberia is declared Ebola free once again

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 September 2015 There are reports from Kambia in Sierra Leone this weekend, of one of the contacts of the woman who died of Ebola over a week ago in the district, also found to be Ebola positive. This tragic news comes as neighbouring Liberia is for [Read More]