Ernest Koroma delivered a poor speech at the UN General Assembly

Messeh Leone Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 September 2015 Disgracefully, Ernest Koroma’s first and worst mistake in delivering that speech at the UN, was to spend time praising other world leaders, whilst ignoring the efforts of his people fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone. He failed to start his speech with the [Read More]


My government is not responsible for the floods in Sierra Leone – blame climate change

President Koroma speaks at the UN   Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 September 2015 President Koroma has refused to accept responsibility on behalf of his government, for the destruction and loss of life caused by floods, after torrential rainfall, which his government had previously been warned could be devastating. Speaking at [Read More]

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Kandeh Yumkella on the waves of global success

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 September 2015 Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella has been appointed as one of the commissioners of the new Global Energy Transition Commission. (Photo: Yumkella winning the warm approbation of multibillionnaire Chief Elumelu).  Kandeh is the only African to be appointed to the Commission, and joins an elite [Read More]

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Public protest awaiting President Koroma at the UN General Assembly 

Dennis Kabatto Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 September 2015 When Sierra Leone’s President Ernest B. Koroma delivers his address on Tuesday at the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), he will face a concerted protest by Concerned Sierra Leoneans USA (CSLUSA). In an invitation to Sierra Leoneans in [Read More]

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Sierra Leone government officials and their unexplained wealth

Eddie Vandy Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 September 2015 Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Czar – Mr. Joseph Kamara (Photo) has recently had his $11,200 monthly salaried contract renewed for another five years; and in his own words: to ‘continue the path to rid the country of corruption.’ But how effective is he, [Read More]

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Kandeh Yumkella hits back at SLPP party grandee Abass Bundu 

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 September 2015 The division within the opposition SLPP, fuelled by the row over the membership status of presidential hopeful – Dr. Kandeh Yumkella seems to be getting wider and deeper. Despite rallying calls by the party chairman – Chief Kapen for unity and constitutionality to reign [Read More]

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Millennium Challenge Corporation approves $300 million for Liberia and Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 September 2015 When president Koroma took office in 2007, Sierra Leone was described as one of the darkest nations on the planet, with an intermittent daily average electricity supply of less than 15 Megawatts – barely enough to power the country’s public offices at day-time in [Read More]

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What planet has Justice Tolla-Thompson been living?

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 September 2015 The subtleties and entrenched values of limp-wristed political office holders, which have morphed into superficial, amoral, yet seemingly desirable offering of today, never ceases to amaze me. It is these characteristics, whereby those who should be the moral guardians of the [Read More]


Flooding in Sierra Leone – government minister and diplomat says world is coming to an end

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 September 2015 After eight long years of poor governance, incompetence, corruption and debauchery, senior ministers in the Koroma government are now saying that “the end is near” – the World is coming to an end. But whose world are they referring to? Your world, their world, [Read More]