Flooding in Sierra Leone – government minister and diplomat says world is coming to an end

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 September 2015

End of the world1

After eight long years of poor governance, incompetence, corruption and debauchery, senior ministers in the Koroma government are now saying that “the end is near” – the World is coming to an end.

But whose world are they referring to? Your world, their world, our world?

The world may be coming to an end, but surely not the world that 7 billion people live in. What is surely coming to an end, as the 2018 election approaches in Sierra Leone, is the world of the ruling APC mafia controlled fiefdom, that has plagued and corrupted a nation of 6 million people.

Writing in his Cocorioko newspaper, senior government minister Wilfred Kabs Kanu said: “We are in the end times and these disasters clearly show that Jesus Christ will soon return to this earth.”

While many Christians will agree that a prophet may come, many will also question whether any right thinking prophet, may want to come to a world that is full of so many corrupt and depraved government officials, as we have in Sierra Leone today.

end of the world2And this is why God will see to it that, it is indeed the days of the ruling APC that is numbered, and will surely come to an end in 2018, when a trustworthy and competent redeemer of the people’s suffering, shall be elected by the people of Sierra Leone through the ballot box.

Gone are the days, thank God, when religious men – men of the cloth, will lift up their Bible and tell the poor people to hand over their God given riches to those in power, and call upon God to take control, whilst the people go hungry, naked and homeless.

And gone are the days too, when politicians will tell the people to call upon and pray for divine intervention – thus subcontracting their constitutional duty to God, after failing to protect and look after the well-being of their people.

The God that most of the 7 billion people of this world worship and love, will certainly not turn his wrath on His people.

What God will surely do in 2018 is to peacefully remove from power, those that have brought so much suffering and pain upon the people of a very small and rich land called Sierra Leone, after 54 years of independence from British colonial rule.

For a country that is endowed with abundant natural riches, given to the people of Sierra Leone by the very God that the ruling APC now says is going to end their world, to be reduced to a living hell by corrupt and inept politicians, is sinful.

And it is those that are in power in Sierra Leone today, that must be praying for their sins committed against the poor people of Sierra Leone.

God did not bring war to Sierra Leon that caused wicked people to hack off the limbs of babies. APC’s one party dictatorship and poor governance did.

God did not bring Ebola to the shores of Sierra Leone, killing 4,000 people. The inept and corrupt politicians of the ruling APC opened the gates of the villages, towns and cities to welcome the virus by their incompetent, lethargic, tribalistic and corrupt ways.

God has not brought death and destruction to the people of Sierra Leone from the floods caused by heavy rains. The ruling APC government did – for their lack of planning, incompetence, corruption and misplaced priorities.

Abject poverty in the midst of abundant natural wealthWhilst State House and ministers are busy lining their pockets with the people’s wealth, instead of spending on low cost housing – so that no one sleeps in tin-huts in squalid conditions; protecting the environment; and ensuring that the newly built roads are constructed robustly, nature is busy taking that which the government is failing to protect – lives and property.

So why is the ruling APC government now holding God responsible for the incompetence and debauchery of so many in their ranks?

This is what the APC government minister of plenipotentiary and ambassador to the UN – Kabs Kanu, published in his Cocorioko newspaper, in order to divert the attention of the poor suffering people of Sierra Leone, away from government incompetence and corruption:

The end is near - says senior APC government offcial Kabs Kanu“THE END IS NEAR”!!

“The whole world is in crises and disasters and dangers loom everywhere. LAST evening, Chile had a powerful earthquake that triggered a tsunami.

“2 Timothy 3: 1 warns us that in the last days perilous times shall come. These are the last days, so we have real peril in the world.

“Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave the same warning in Mathew 24: 7ff. There will be droughts, famines , earthquakes , floods etc. Those who do not believe that the Bible is true must take cognizance of the accuracy of these prophesies to believe that God is real.

“We are in the end times and these disasters clearly show that Jesus Christ will soon return to this earth.

“Let us therefore draw nearer to God. Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead .Romans 10: 9, 10. You will be saved from the wrath that is to come.

“All this rat race for illegal wealth and hating and fighting one another should stop. There is nothing wrong with being rich.

“In fact, as children of God we should know that all the gold and silver belong to our Lord and by inheritance they are ours’ but the most important thing is being nearer to God.

“We must come near to God. We must stop the hating and fighting and the plotting against one another. We must love our enemies as ourselves and obey the gospel.

“May God comfort the hearts of our precious people in Sierra Leone. May God remember his covenant to the people and save us from these tragedies. Our people need a break, God.

“May the sun shine of our nation again .

Let us all continue to pray for our nation and this world.”



  1. Mr Franklyn Sesay – the refusal of our people to question our leaders has continued to cultivate the culture of impunity, which is slowly eating away at the soul of our nation.

    When the President of Cote D’ Ivoire (Alassane Ouattara) closed all borders linking his nation to Liberia and Guinea – because of the Ebola, why did our leaders not do the same?

    Till date, Cote D’ Ivoire has not recorded a single case of Ebola. Why did Koroma allow free movement along Guinea and Liberia border at the early stages of Ebola?

    When Ebola hit Kailahun, a district that has gone nearly a year without a single case, why did the Koroma government not contain the virus to the village or chiefdom where the virus first entered?

    Ivory Coast has gone nearly a year without a single case and we are are yet to defeat Ebola.

    Take the current flood crisis. Experts had predicted that a monsoon would hit Sierra Leone and neighboring countries. Alassane Ouattara demonstrating leadership, had warned his people and moved them out of the way, so that even though properties were lost, lives were saved.

    Once again, Koroma did nothing and like the Ebola situation, innocent lives have been lost. Year after year, people die from one raining season to another. What has the government done to ensure this does not repeat itself?

    What is the government doing about protecting the environment, planting trees and building drainage systems?

    The people of Sierra Leone won’t talk. Civil society groups have kept quiet and the main Opposition Party is filled with members who are more interested in scoring political points against each other, than in actually questioning the government or doing any form of opposing.

    This is the time when men like Abass Bundu should come out on air to say this is what the government did wrong and this is what we in SLPP would have done to prevent such a disaster.

    SLPP leaders are more interested in defeating each other, than in defeating a government that has performed so abysmally. Poverty, suffering, death and misery have become the daily realities of people.

    Lets face it – both parties have failed.

  2. Minister the right honourable is a man of God and spiritual adviser to our president. Why is it that Sierra Leoneans always try to pull down those that God has appointed to bring salvation to our people.
    The honourable minister Reverend Kabs kanu is a man of supernatural vision and our president consults with him frequently on all political matters. So please show him respect.

  3. Kabs is in the habit of perverting what the bible says. A few weeks ago he wrote that Sierra Leoneans are going to hell because of their unbroughtupness.

    He went on to say that they would go to hell if they don’t forgive. I personally challenged Kabs on this because the bible does not say anything about our salvation, as it relates to these issues.

    I guess he’s trying to spread this propaganda to distract the people, so they won’t focus on their suffering.

    He wants to convince the people that Jesus is coming soon, so they don’t need a better quality of life here on earth. Now that EBK and Company know there is no way he’ll ever succeed in forcing a third term, they have become desperate.

    With donated money, this government could not properly implement a free health care system for women and children. Teen pregnancy is out of control. Violence against women is out of control. Youth unemployment is at a record high level. The infrastructure of the country is a complete disaster. Is all of this because it’s the end of the world?

    Then there was the illegal removal of the vice president. I guess that was another sign that the end is near.

  4. Lol … think the Rev Ambassador is recovering from a hangover from one of those fulfilling dinner parties foreign missions usually organise and reflecting what his world will be like after 2018.

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