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Peace returning to the opposition SLPP – the frost has begun to thaw

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 April 2016 For the past four years, if not longer, the main opposition party in Sierra Leone – the Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP) has been tearing itself apart, as various factions within the party fight to take over its leadership. This internecine war has led [Read More]

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Koroma government of Sierra Leone doing business with North Korea?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 April 2016 Exactly a month ago – 6th March 2016, the South Korean government, deeply concerned about the extent to which countries are helping North Korea breach UN imposed sanctions, published a statement accusing one of the most corrupt nations in the world – Sierra Leone, [Read More]

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The Panama corruption papers and the Sierra Leone connection

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 April 2016 The Panama corruption money laundering scandal making the world headlines today, would not have been complete, without mentioning Sierra Leone.  What a surprise. When the Wiki leaks documents were released many years ago, few expected Sierra Leone to be mentioned, let alone have its [Read More]

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Finding salvation amidst the wreckage

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 April 2016   For too long, we have been playing jazz music for Azonto enthusiast, which is why the suffocating level of poverty has started to open the ‘’eyes’’ of those, whose only craving is for good governance and a better life. (Photo: [Read More]

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Zuma court ruling – lessons for Sierra Leone president Koroma and the judiciary

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 April 2016 Political developments in Sierra Leone may be troubling, but do not come as a surprise to those who understand the post-colonial politics of the country. Yet, expectations of a better way of doing politics – based on respect for the rule of law and [Read More]

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Sierra Leone census is inaccurate and cannot be accepted – says opposition SLPP

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 April 2016 The 2015 provisional census figures, published by Statistics Sierra Leone and launched by president Koroma last Thursday, have not only raised eyebrows among statisticians and economists regarding its accuracy and reliability, but have also sparked a political row. The country’s main opposition party – [Read More]

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Liberia and Guinea suffer Ebola setbacks – Sierra Leone closes border

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 April 2016 Liberia has suffered another setback today in its fight against the Ebola epidemic, after it was declared free of the virus and its transmission three months ago. Last week, new cases of infection were confirmed in neighbouring Guinea, prompting fears of a new wave [Read More]