Education and Health

Sierra Leone’s director of gender speaks about the protection of girls from circumcision

Sultan Kargbo Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 May 2017 The Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs has completely dissociated government from the story – “Religious Leaders schooled on FGM strategy”, published in the New Citizen newspaper on Thursday 18th May 2017. Speaking to journalists in Freetown on Friday, 19th [Read More]

In Focus

President Koroma of Sierra Leone is told to stop selling the country’s sovereignty

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 May 2017 “You have sold everything – please don’t sell the soul of our sovereignty – our democracy,” Kapri Kolugbonda tells the president of Sierra Leone, as condemnation of the ruling APC party’s steep descent into the bowels of Chinese economic imperialism grows. Critics of the [Read More]

Election Watch

China is meddling in Sierra Leone’s party politics

Concerned Citizen of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 May 2017 It is now official. China is no longer just a development partner of the Government and people of Sierra Leone. It is now playing an active part in our national politics, by openly supporting one political party to the [Read More]

Election Watch

Why the role of the media is so important to free and fair elections in Africa

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 May 2017 The role of the news media has changed dramatically in countries across Africa, as elsewhere in the world. George Ogola sets out why it’s particularly important for the fourth estate to adapt to these changes when it comes to election coverage, and to act responsibly [Read More]

Education and Health

Speed and coordination are key to curbing the DRC’s Ebola outbreak

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 May 2017 Three years ago the Ebola virus killed 10,000 people in West Africa. The latest outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has so far claimed three lives. Jacqueline Weyer explains why swift and co-ordinated action is vital if the events of 2014 are to [Read More]

Dele Awoonor-Gordon

The people are talking – but those in power are not listening

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 May 2017 It was an uncharacteristically hot afternoon as I boarded the taxi heading for the sleepy remote village of Regent. I wasn’t in too much of a mood to talk after the usual harrowing experience of trying to get the basics done. [Read More]

In Focus

Sierra Leone’s youth unemployment – jobs for those best connected 

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14th May 2017  Yesterday – Saturday, 13th May 2017, Bob Howard – reporting for BBC Radio 4, on Kate Adie’s ‘From our own correspondent’ – broadcast in the UK, described the immense difficulties faced by young people in Sierra Leone trying to find work and make ends meet. [Read More]

Economy & Business

What happened to the sale of Sierra Leone’s second largest diamond?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 May 2017 Yesterday – 11th of May 2017, was the day that Sierra Leoneans were expecting massive cash windfall – at least $50 million, from the sale of their Star of Sierra Leone MK2 – the second largest diamond ever found in the country. But once [Read More]

Dele Awoonor-Gordon

Its not about leadership in Sierra Leone anymore – its about all of us

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 May 2017 Since my arrival in town, I have realised that by embracing that delusional emotion called expectation, Sierra Leoneans have been able to devise a survival strategy against the steady rumble of the old political clans across the horizon from the existing [Read More]