Election Watch

Sierra Leone political parties gearing up for the 2018 elections

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 August 2017 Political parties in Sierra Leone are preparing for their respective national convention, where they will elect their party’s presidential candidate as well as administrative officials. Both the ruling APC party and the main opposition SLPP will hold their convention next month, though there are [Read More]


Cannon Dr. Arthur D.O. Wright –  Sierra Leone’s only Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon dies aged 79

Dennis Kabatto Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 August 2017 The late Cannon, Dr. Arthur Dave Omopeh Wright, MD, of 8 Wright Drive, Marjay Town in Freetown, who prior to his retirement was Sierra Leone’s only ear, nose and throat surgeon specialist, passed away on Wednesday 26 July, 2017 in Virginia, USA.  [Read More]

Economy & Business

Education and inequality in Sierra Leone

Abu Bakarr Jalloh Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 August 2017 The income gap between educated people and those who cannot read nor write, has widened considerably in Sierra Leone since the country gained independence from Britain in 1961. The fast-increasing majority of people with no formal education have resulted in low [Read More]

Economy & Business

President Koroma receives report of the Financial Intelligence Unit amid new revelations of high level corruption

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 August 2017 Last year, president Koroma of Sierra Leone was accused of money laundering in offshore financial accounts, and investments in some of the largest companies in the country as shareholder. In particular, evidence emerged naming president Koroma as one of the non-executive directors of the [Read More]

In Focus

Government of Kuwait stops issuing entry visa 20 to Sierra Leone nationals

Sierra Leone Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 August 2017 Following concerns raised by the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, over the issuance of entry visas under Article 20 (Domestic Labour of Kuwait) to Sierra Leone nationals to work as [Read More]

In Focus

Tackling violent gang crimes in Sierra Leone – food for thought

Santhkie Sorie Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 August 2017 In professionally minded societies, officials who fall short in the performance of their duties often resign, or at least tender their resignation. Generals who lose wars even commit suicide. This was what Abdul Akim Amer – the Egyptian General, did in 1967 [Read More]

In Focus

The government of Sierra Leone is bankrupt and failing to account for hundreds of millions of dollars

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 August 2017 (Photo: Poorly constructed roads in Sierra Leone – costing hundreds of millions of dollars). Pressure is mounting on the World Bank, IMF and DFID to cease funding of the Koroma government, following reports that, more than twenty-five state institutions have failed to account for [Read More]

Election Watch

Kenya’s election jitters have roots in campaign financing

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 August 2017 Polls are now closed in Kenya’s closely fought elections. And as counting of the votes continue, in the next few hours the results will start coming in. Ten years ago, over a thousand people were killed when violence erupted in Kenya’s elections, as tribalism [Read More]


Sierra Leone AYV TV live political debate

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 August 2017 Over 25 state institutions have failed to submit their financial statements for auditing. Millions of dollars cannot be accounted for over many years. Does this refusal to submit financial statements undermine the economic rationalisation drive of government? Does this breed paranoia around corruption? Where [Read More]