29 people arriving in Freetown from China quarantined in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 February 2020:

Twenty nine passengers who arrived in Sierra Leone through the Lungi International Airport from China on 3rd February, 2020, have been quarantined in an undisclosed holding facility in Freetown. (Photo above: Corona virus screening at Lungi Airport in Freetown)

They are being kept under “strict medical surveillance for a period of fourteen days”, according to the Minister of Health and Sanitation.

Dr. Alpha T. Wurie said measures are being instituted in conformity with guidelines under the International Health Regulations (IHR) to prevent and avoid any travel related introduction of the virus into the country.

During the weekly Government Press Conference at the Ministry of Information and Communications, Dr. Alpha Wurie said on 31st January, 2020, that seven Chinese nationals came through the Gbalamuya crossing point in Kambia district, but opted to return to Guinea when fourteen days quarantine measures were made known to them.  (Photo above: Corona virus screening at Lungi Airport  in Freetown).

In activation of public health national emergency operations for the Coronavirus in Sierra Leone, Dr. Wurie said there have been arrangements for treatment centres at the 34 Military Hospital, Lungi Government Hospital and the Jui Sierra Leone/Chinese Friendship Hospital.

According to Dr. Wurie, they have put measures in place to train DHMT members during the 4th Quarter surveillance review meeting; instructed DHMT to intensify IPC audit in all health facilities, functioning thermo scan at both arrival and departure, and quarantine relevant persons at the epi-centre as a necessary public health intervention to save lives.

The testing laboratories he said are Government Central Public Health Laboratory at Lakka, 34 Military Hospital in conjunction with the Chinese in-country military diagnostic team, and China P3 Lab.

Source Credit Global Times


  1. This is a serious issue. We urge all Sierra Leoneans to be vigilant and proactive, so as to save ourselves from such blood sucking virus. God save Mama Salone.

  2. Congratulation to Dr. Wurie putting those people just from china to a fourteen days survelliance. This is necessary in Sierra Leone. Just think, in case those people, especially those who came through the Guinea border were contaminated, the whole country would be at risk. To avoid this, the whloe world is asked to put those coming from china on quarantine surveillance. Sierra Leone first, Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone – before any other nation.

  3. This is scary stuff. The government must ban all products from China entering the country till this Coronavirus is completely brought under control. Please Mr. Minister of Health, don’t allow travelers from China to be quarantined anywhere within the capital. They should all be sent to Laka for three to four weeks to be in a safe incubation range of this nasty disease.
    This is a dangerous and deadly virus. Laka is the best place for them to be quarantined.

    Remember that our country does not have the resources to handle such disease if things get out of hand in a populated area like Freetown. Even advanced countries are keeping their citizens in isolated places out of the populated cities. So, please take my advice Mr. Minister of Health. Again, send all of them to Laka to be quarantined for three to four weeks. This is serious stuff. Did they screen those computers that were handed over to our First Lady as I advised? No donations from China should be accepted without Coronavirus screening. Trust me.

    God bless the Minister of Health for taking my advice. May God protect Sierra Leone and it’s population from this Coronavirus from China. Amen and Amen, Father God.

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