1. If you really love Mama salone, stop the insulting and focus on the truth and nothing but the truth.

  2. This chap is alright. Enrichment of the APC and SLPP. Sierra Leone needs a third way: LDU-Party + LDU-Union Liberal Democratic United Party. Establish the Liberal Democratic United Union to improve the Prolos / labour rights and benefits (85% of the population).

    Stop the revenge actions of the New Direction against APC and 2023 the other way round. Reform your political System. 5 years and Zero days are enough for SLPP. Time out for SLPP and APC. Furnish the LDU-Party + LDU- Union for the sake of a united, just and free country.

  3. I’m not supporting any political party in Sierra Leone presently. Reason is that both APC and SLPP politicians are acting to enrich themselves and their immediate family members. 59 years after independence from Britain where are we in terms of development? Zero. Why kill yourself for their benefit?

  4. This guy needs to be arrested for inciting some Sierra Leoneans to corrupt our beloved Mama Salone. Secondly his speech is not friendly to us.

    • He definitely has to be arrested and explain himself why he’s so cruel to our mama salone. As for men of Daddy GOD that he’s insulting, he’ll tell Daddy GOD tbe reason why.

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