Adebayor hunted for alleged incitment of violence in Sierra Leone

Bob Massally: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 May 2020:

How low a depth of despair and despondency the SLPP/APC rivalry has sunk is clearly illustrated by a video that has gone viral on Facebook, depicting two Sierra Leoneans, apparently on a manhunt in the streets of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, for the real or fictitious “Adebayor”.

Adebayor is accused by SLPP supporters and the Sierra Leone Government of inciting and fuelling the spate and wave of riots in Sierra Leone, from the relative comfort of his living room in The Netherlands, with a cheese burger in one hand and a KFC chicken leg in the other hand.

The video showed the two SLPP supporters visiting a McDonalds and a police station as part of their itinerary, and was swiftly followed by another gentleman, claiming to be the hunted Adebayor posing outside the same police station.

There is a real risk of this SLPP/APC turf war playing out in the cobbled streets of Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam or the Hague – the main cities in the “Low Country”.

One could have thought that the Sierra Leone Ambassador to the EU ought to have been tasked to undertake a delicate and sensitive mission to trace and track the designated villain, even though the threshold to prove a conspiracy to incite is set higher in democratic Netherlands.

It is rather unfortunate that the job is left with the two scruffy-looking guys claiming to be executive members of the SLPP Netherlands.

If Adebayor is an Asylum-seeker in the Netherlands, that video has just strengthened any case of persecution he might have filed with the Asylum authorities at Aanmeldcentrum Schiphol AC in Amsterdam.

The seeds of the balkanization of Sierra Leone have been sown since the late 60s but our propensity of being tribal has gone up another notch in 2018.

The outcome of the elections two years ago, painted a picture of a country that has never been so polarised along tribal and regional lines.

Nowadays, even Kono and Kambia have carved out their own political fiefdoms. The words of former Head of State, Juxon-Smith about the intense and unsustainable political rivalry and tribal politics in the country are so prescient.

Developed nations are contemplating and planning how to cope, post-corona, with the predicted worst recession ever recorded. Scholars who specialise in 20th Century History attributed the hate politics of the National Sozialismus in Germany and other dictatorships of the time to the harsh socio-economic conditions, not only due to the first world war but also due to the after-effects of the pandemic Spanish flu in 1918.

As sure as hell, like other African countries with aid-dependent economies, this Corona pandemic will hit Sierra Leone hard, and the social fabric of the nation stretched beyond its elastic limit.

More rioting could not be ruled out. It is pathetic, therefore, that with such dire Corona socio-economic warnings and our perennial challenges of uncontrollable population growth, low export earnings – subjected to the vagaries of the commodity markets and unchecked or undeterred looting of our treasury by the elite, courtesy flexible conduit to offshore bank accounts beyond the reach of our Anti-Corruption Commission, we are busy tearing ourselves to pieces.

It is time for cool heads, not labelling of non-SLPP supporters or sympathisers as terrorists.

Some people who strongly believe that both APC and SLPP are up to no good, and could have harboured any ambition of finding a third way in the Sierra Leonean political landscape, might just reassess their positions and adopt a pack mentality in the face of such blanket name-calling of a party, and by extension a whole region.

Adebayor is an attention-seeker, perhaps chasing more social media clicks and the attendant benefits it brings as an influencer. The two guys in the video claiming they represent SLPP Netherlands are trying their very best to have the attention, favour and respect of Bio.

I hope his Excellency the President could wise up and ask those two supporters to stop what they are doing in the Netherlands.

If Adebayor is eventually lynched, the two SLPP guys will be prime suspects, the Freetown Government will offer them no protection and the folly will potentially trigger a diplomatic crisis.


  1. Our country is not having freedom of speech. The killing of young peoples is too much in our country; no development; the system of living is so rough and hard; people are suffering everyday. How long are we going to continue with the mischievous behaviors in our country. How are we the young ones going to be someone in the future? The suffering is too much.

  2. All we need is Freedom of Speech and inclusive appointment to run the country for a fast and safe development of the country.

  3. I thought its the right time for Sierra Leonean Leaders to love this land truly, and be patriotic – not tribalist or regionalist.

  4. Sierra Leone people need to learn how to live together. I supported Madda Bio in the last election in order to foster unity but I am highly let down by disrespecting and killing the people like chickens. I put a lot of blame on Madda Bio and he can quote me on this. He is driving the country from frying pan to fire. Him Madda Bio failed to realise that there are two tribes in that country that are destroying the country. And that is the Mende and Temne tribes. Both Tribes can also challenge me on this comment. Both people are very lovely people but they need to put heads together to move the country forward and not working against each other. I am not from Sierra Leone but I so much believe in Madda Bio’s plans for the country. He is highly determined to reshape the country.

    Adebayo is going crazy because of the way the country is going down the drain. All Sierra Leone police should be disbanded and new set of police should be trained to police the country with maximum respect for the people of Sierra Leone. The paramount chiefs also will need to stop stealing from the people. They are there to lead the people but they are just stealing left, right and centre. There are so many thieves in Sierra Leone that is dragging the country down and paramount chiefs are number one. Government ministers and MPs and the general commander in chief of the criminals number 2. And government officials number 3. The law number 4. Under Sierra Leone British law, police have the right to shot and kill any Sierra Leonean. Under British law any money for mineral resources will be shared into 3 portion. One portion goes to government. One portion goes to the paramount chiefs and the third portion goes to whoever but I believe those are the ministers and the commander of the looters.

  5. Freedom of speech does not have arriers. Those that call it incitement are those that see themselves in the picture of the young man’s speech, otherwise he is only explaining how he feels the dirty politics in our country. Tell them to focus on the development of the country.

  6. Yeah, adebayor is tribally and regionally dividing sierra leone through what illiterates literates call adovacay. He has freedom to constructive criticism as an opposition advocate. He should emulate from one man army, Emerson Bockarie. He comes and goes; but why are you hiding and for sure would never return home. How do you expect people listening to you to support the mischievous Mamie curse and inciting words? Don’t even mention Allah because you are misleading plenty holy people with hatredness.

    • Do you think Madaa Bio will be in power forever, you totally get it wrong my dear brother. Adebayor will come to Sierra Leone and nothing will happen to him. Those that stand to divide our beloved nation deserves mamie curse. We should be ashamed of ourselves as a nation. Our leaders are not doing enough to improve the lives of our people. Other countries are going forward we are going backwards.

      This government is full of educated people and what are they showing for it – violation of human rights. The moment you are not their supporter you become their enemy. I don’t think this is what they are taught in their respective schools. I personally lost respect for most of them. I bet you they deserve more than what Adebayor is giving them.

      We only have one country called Sierre Leone. Sober minded Sierra Leoneans want this nation to be prosperous.

  7. I think what is going on in Sierra Leone is a disgrace to the international world. I believed its also intimidating to Human Rights itself. I think what Adebayor is doing is some how great for the patriotic citizens of Sierra Leone. You people should concentrate more on how to get the economy back on its feet and not wasting time and spending money on irelivant things. Just do what is right for the people and they will appreciate your kind of leadership. But remember it is better to lead from behind especially when you celebrate victory, when good things occurs, then take the front line when there is danger. Let him talk – you just do what is right. I’m sure one good deserves another. Today is SLPP – tomorrow will be APC.

  8. The Art of War – Firstly start by slinging mud,and then ceaselessly cast all blame for your ineptitude,and shortcomings on the opposition,next tarnish their credibility and image,by labeling them as Terrorists,and enemies of the State,and lastly strategically unleash hell by hunting them down like frothing,rabid wolves,outpacing fragile,frightened impalas.Indeed,there is a method to the madness in our nation,only Stargazers can behold.There is a thunderstorm brewing somewhere,being stirred discreetly by arrogant,revengeful SLPP hands,waiting to spill over into the quiet streets of Freetown.The APC must be vigilant,and alert at all times…soon,like masked thieves in the night a merciless pack of wolves are going to come looking for you guys.Seriously,are you ready?

    Dr Slyvia Blyden wasn’t,neither was Mr Williams,or Paolo Conteh!My brethren,Dark,gloomy clouds always bring the heaviest rainfall,and a full moon glowing behind clouds scattered like Alpaca wool,signals an eventful,memorable moment is very close at hand.Imagine this,a young man,totally unarmed,and untrained has unruffled the powerful feathers of a sitting government,through his playful antics,and tactics devised by a cunning,purposeful,amateurish mind,anxiously looking for ways for the voiceless to be heard.Truly heartbreaking!

    Young people are passionate,and in Sierra Leone where they are born daily,like ants in their staggering millions;bred,and raised in cradles of poverty,and complete despair,they are bound to look for avenues to make their grievances heard.The media in Sierra Leone cannot be trusted,their hands are deep inside the pockets of the APC,and SLPP.And why wont a courageous young man look for creative ways that are untainted,trustworthy,and guaranteed to spread his message of hope,love,and empathy to the struggling masses?

  9. One exercising his/her freedom of speech should be done within the ambit of the law. Freedom of speech does not mean inciting people to wreck havoc in the country, preaching tribalism and hate speech. Spending money on youths to cause unrest and when the law takes its course, you call it human right abuse.

    I really wonder the kind of education some Sierra Leoneans acquire these days. When the law takes care of lawless citizens they call it human right abuse. Freedom of speech and expression should be done done within the confines of the law.

    • Sure its good for us sierra Leoneans to express our freedom of speech within the confines of the laws but, where do you expect to do it. The Forces are there to shoot you down, imprison young boys and girls. Why should this happen? Who do you think can support bad governance like this?

  10. This is a fake News. I don’t know why the Sierra Leone media is supporting the illegal activities of the government in Sierra Leone. The government is treating the people of Sierra Leone like dogs, and you are supporting there reckless and inhuman activities. Adebayor is just advocating for Sierra Leonean people. So those guys hunting for Adebayor should be careful not to get themselves hunted by someone else.
    You the media should know that, Holland is not AFRICA WHERE THERE IS NO HUMAN RIGHT. Thank you. I am not a supporter of any party, not APC or SLPP. As for me, they are all the same but, SLPP IS GETTING TOO MUCH.

  11. Just about to have a cool can of beer, when Mr. Massaquoi, a very good and responsible SLPP party member, called me, asking me to read the latest news on this widely read and globally respected online Newspaper. You can’t even have a break these days, without hearing about Sierra Leone “WAHALA”. What the hell is going on? Will it not be a good idea, if we all stop making publicity for Mr. Adebayo and the other two men’s asylum procedures in The Netherlands? First of all, no one knows till now the nationality of these men.

    These people are playing with the polarized and dangerous political atmosphere presently in the country to pursue their personal interests in my view. I strongly believe, that Mr. Adebayo has no connection with the APC and likewise, the other two men, has no connection with the Bio SLPP or the SLPP party. No one could convince me otherwise. So, ladies and gentlemen, let us forget about this whole Adebayo and the other two men issue and concentrate on the slowing of Coronavirus back home. We have very important issues to sort out in the country presently.

    Slowing down the progress of Coronavirus and trying to make the Bio SLPP and the opposition sit together and find a solution to move forward. Bottom line, Neither President Bio, the Bio SLPP, the APC or the SLPP party have any idea or clue about these men. Let’s leave the problem with the DUTCH AIVD to sort out. Finally, I am asking everyone, to just dial down the RHETORIC over this matter. God bless Sierra Leone, President Bio, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, our gallant opposition and the Dutch AIVD.

  12. Right now our country is not on its normal position; corona is fighting the nation and the government is abusing the rights of the citizens in the country.

  13. This post is out of place and misleading. A man whose is determined as a terrorist to be granted asylum because people (SLPP) guys were looking to ascertain his whereabouts in the country. What if it was the Netherlands police looking for him for inciting violence in our country? Would it be they are also going to grant him asylum?

    Let me state here, that whatever happened he needs to understand the gravity of what he has done regarding the loss of lives and properties in the country. No country will tolerate such any individual using their land to perpetuate violence. So stop making as if looking around for a man who has committed atrocities is a crime. Whatever happens there is overwhelming evidence against him; so stop making excuses for him.

  14. This is shocking. There is never good news coming from Sierra Leone. I wonder what the 2023 election would bring. More destruction. The main problem is too many educated people and no jobs. End result – Idleness. Please wise up.

  15. Good morning to all political parties in our lovely Sierra Leone. Let us stop these national tribal issues in our country. This is not the right way of puting our beloved Mama Salone ahead. I am hereby pleading to our father Mr President Julius Maada Bio to stay focused and rule this country in a good way, so that all other political parties will follow the same good ways. Let us forget about Adebayor and focus how to build up our country.

  16. You know, it is pathetic that the level of hypocrisy displayed here every day by these so called educated elites would never stop to amaze my desperate inner feelings. Until folks like Bilal Coleman get someone to remove the twig from his eyes, HE will remain blind for eternity. But guess what, even when you’ve displayed lack of common sense for all these years that you have been a forumite in this platform, yet you are still being kept here by the owner of this noble newspaper. You know why? Cuz,that is what freedom of conscience and right to opinion grants to individuals like you.

    By now, you should have known the essence of freedom to opinion or anything. Now let me ask you,with all the lies and double standards that you display here everyday, has anyone even dared to insult you or let alone been dismissed from this forum?..NO! But ask yourself, if the people of Sierra Leone who vent out their frustrations through audios, writings, talking are being given their freedom or right to their opinion, when the leader of our country is busy trampling upon the rights of its citizens daily, what have you done or written to condemn it?

    When other folks choose their own way to condemn it, let them be. Just like Emmerson who has done it in his own way back then, nobody said anything to him. If Adebayo chose to go this way, let him be too. If so called commentators like you, cant do anything to condemn the wrong things that this Bio administration is doing to the people of Sierra Leone, then sit back and let the ordinary men blow their vuvuzelas. For perhaps their sound may yield some positive changes, even if that vuvuzela comes in invectives. Thank God invectives does not cause any traffic jam on our roads, are not causing wounds on people’s skin,invectives does not burn houses,it does not loot peoples property or even got people killed. Ndagbeh,Nya voteh vah! E gbin kakru korthor!

  17. Just when you think Sierra Leone can’t sink any further in the depths of political malice and tribal politics,everyday we wake up we are treated to the latest horror news coming out of the country. For many of our peaceful compatriot Sierra Leoneans it seemed to us the only shocking news that will come out of the country will be the day the country post good news. Well meaning Sierra Leoneans are praying and hoping our government will be able to fight and defeat this invincible enemy – the Corona virus pandemic.

    Whilst the president has made that his top priority and rightly so, it seems some people around him are busy fighting a different pandemic. while the whole world, even war torn Syria and Yemen have silenced their guns for now in the vain hope of fighting the Corona virus, we are busy making ourselves a laughing stock of the world. It didn’t stop there, Sierra Leonean people also have to contend with fighting three pandemics that are afflicting our great nation. The bad news there is no cure for the last two. We as Sierra Leoneans have built up our own immune system for these two deadly virus. In my view they are worst than COVID19. We have to endure lockdown to fight the COVID 19, hopefully in the next few months there will be a vaccine and a cure.

    These two viruses – the APC and the SLPP are running riot in the country. The general population of Sierra Leone have in their own ingenious ways learn to live with these two viruses that have caused us so much misery and hardship. If president Bio doesnt use the powers vested in him as our leader for the good of all, I am afraid our country is sleep walking to become a police state. It is no good for our Sierra Leone police to emulate the ‘TONTON MACOUTE’ the paramilitary police force created by that infamous dictator of the Caribbean island of Hati Francois Duvalier.

  18. Interesting write up indeed. The elevation and promotion of Adebayor (someone whom I personally think is a nonentity) continues. This goes to show how low and petty our political ruling elites have become. Frankly, I am having a hard time wrapping my head on the notion that, Adebayor is singlehandedly obstructing and preventing the current government to succeed in their governance. HELLO! Can anyone point out a single democratic leader that does not have opposition or citizens who vocally criticize or call for an opposition to their policies?

    Once again, I am by no means a fan or in support of Mr. Adebayor approach in doing things, however, here in America, numerous conservative media personnel in likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of Fox News — propagate racist and vitriolic messages across millions of Americans every blessed day, yet no one is calling for their arrest when civil unrest takes places from time to time. In Sierra Leone prior to the election, Alpha Saidu, who is currently working in the government, propagated a ton of hate messages attacking then candidate Bio, informing citizens about his violence and corrupt tendencies, yet today Bio is our president. So, since when did an ordinary citizen, with no legislative political power, become a big factor in the success or failure of an entire sitting government?

    This Adebayor factor is the biggest hoax in our current political dispensation. An entire educated class of politicians have become subordinates to a man with barely a high school education. Report making its around indicates that, the paramount chief of Tombo had it with the youths after going on local radio, threatening the youths with arrest if they are seen gathering in groups listening to Adebayor’s audios. Also, the arrest of Dr, Blyden was purely necessitated after she was alleged to have mentioned Adebayor during an AYV radio interview. Who will ever imagine our political class will degenerate to such a low point!!

  19. Let us forget about everything and put attention towards the development of our nation. Please fellow Sierra Leoneans.

  20. Adebayor, the serial mammy cusser, has been making videos and audios for months calling for a tribal war in Sierra Leone. He has also on many occasions identified himself as Themne and a member of the APC. Yet Mr. Bob Massally did not appeal to the APC chairman for life, Ernest Bai Koroma, to rein in his thug. Now, that two guys have emerged in Holland, identifying themselves as members of the SLPP and working toward the arrest and prosecution of the notorious Adebayor, Mr. Massally is calling on the President of Sierra Leone to “wise up and ask those two supporters to stop what they are doing in the Netherlands.”

    Well, the SLPP guys working with the Dutch police to bring the lawless assylum seeker to justice are dual citizens of Sierra Leone and Holland. So, if Adebayor believes that as an assylum seeker he has the right to incite civil unrest in Sierra Leone, then the two SLPP guys who are also Dutch citizens, have the right to report Adebayor to the police.

    Let’s relax and watch the drama play itself out. At the end, Adebayor will be handcuffed. Hopefully, Holland will extradite him to Sierra Leone to face justice.

    • When you woke up from your sleep let me know!…So that I could work you through the line: of some senses.

    • Mr. Bilal Coleman, I beg to differ on the issue of extradition. Holland does not have dual citizenship. If you accept the Dutch citizenship, you are required by law to renounce your Sierra Leone citizenship and a certified copy of your renounciation letter is presented to the Dutch Authorities. Therefore, Adebayor if he has a acquired a Dutch citizenship is no longer a Sierra Leonean. The Dutch would not extradict their own to an African country for trial. Like Mr. Mansallay said if Adebayor is still in the process of acquiring his Dutch asylum papers, the hunt for him has strengthened his application.

      I know of many desperate Sierra Leonean asylum seekers who are praying for troubles back home to justify their request to be given asylum. What I do not buy with many critics of both political parties is that they are quick to bring in the tribal and regional cards in their opposition. One thing that is clear in the current dispensation is that even the northerners in the current administration have been disowned by thier northern kinsmen. The APC sees Abass Bundu as a traitor and not a northerner or Themne for that matter.

      It was the same when the late JB Dauda accepted to work with the last APC government, his kinsmen from the East saw him as a traitor and not a Mende man. Abass Bundu a Themne and northerner is head of the legislature. Babatunde Edward’s a Krio like our Editor ART from the Western Area is head of the judiciary while Julius Bio a Shebro-Mende from the South is the Chief Executive (president) and Dr David Francis a Mende-Krio from the East is the Prime Minister dubbed Chief Minister. Imagine if we accept and work with such diversity, the balance of power and feel good factor that it will bring to our nation.

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