APPA presents national peace and stability communiqué to President Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 March 2020:

Executive members of the All Political Parties Association (APPA), yesterday presented a joint communiqué to President Dr Julius Maada Bio at State House,  signed by twelve registered political parties – though not all, agreeing to maintain peace and stability in Sierra Leone . Three of the main political parties – the APC, C4C and NGC abstained.

Outgone Chairperson of the APPA, Madam Augusta James-Teima, said they were delighted to have had their first meeting with the President, saying that as an association they were putting hands together to support any government in power for the good of the nation.

She added that they were proud to support the National Civil Registration exercise, saying that that was a positive thing that would bring development to the country.

The new Chairman, Prince Coker, said that even though they have people with different political ideologies within APPA, they are ready to collaborate with government in the interest of the country.

He said that as part of their efforts to support the development process, they have signed the communiqué to maintain peace and stability in the nation. He also thanked the government for its support for the association.

In his response, President Bio congratulated the newly elected members and recalled that he created the platform for the creation of the association in 1995, noting that he was appreciative of the fact that they have been able to keep the association together.

He also stated that development is a collective effort and added that he is pleased that the association is helping the nation by creating the environment for peace.


  1. What a democrazy in our nation. Stop fooling people; every one knew that in Sierra Leone we only have two political parties – the APC and the SLPP. If the main party APC accepted, SLPP can rule; if not no way for the SLPP to rule. Sierra Leone is a one party state; every one knows – dominated by the APC party. The north, east, west have majority voted APC. Only the south, south east vote SLPP. Tell me, is this democracy?

    In Sierra Leone the other political parties can only eat, talk, sleep and dream. They will never, ever rule Sierra Leone, just like the fula tribe in Sierra Leone cannot be accepted as first class citizens. So let us be aware. May God protect and forgive our mother land that we love Sierra Leone, after all the bloodshed during the civil war.

  2. Indeed. Not only an empty combined communique rhetoric but, a failed association in support of a failed government. Where was this “Play Cook” association when our compatriots most recently were unlawfully incarcerated? What did they do? What did they say to President Bio and his administration? Months ago, what did this “Play Cook” association do when barbarity and violence were raged against the APC party headquarters and their supporters, teargasing the most popular politician on the streets of Port Loko and trying to break the arm of Sierra Leone’s most admired politician on the streets of Kasirie?

    Now, they are talking about peace. Do they want to tell me that Bintumani III was a failure as is always by this administration? I know the reason – Election Tsunami is coming and state House is in sight. The progressive movements are on the rise aiming at nothing but, not only to regain State House and bring sanity to our politics, but bring Sierra Leoneans together.

    Three of the main political parties abstained according to the article. Does that justify the communique to be joint? Ridiculous and disgusting “Play Cook” communique. Can you imagine where are country is going? Well done mighty C4C, NGC and APC for always being in the fore front to “get SALONE sorted”. God bless you all and see one of your leaders at State House in 2023. Finally and I will ask as often as possible. Have they started packing their suitcases? I hope they do!

  3. “ Three of the main political parties – the APC, C4C and NGC abstained.” How exactly is this called a joint political party peace communique when almost all major players except the ruling party abstained in supporting the venture? This is a typical case of empty rhetoric and political grandstanding for the purpose of propaganda.

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