Sierra Leone’s Timbergate: ‘Al-Jazeering’ the truth?

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon 12 March 2012 “The fly that refuses sound advice will eventually end up with the coffin in the grave.” That is my counsel to those in the corridors of power who have ears, as our society strives to put in place, new democratic ethos and ensure accountability [Read More]


“Weak political parties and inadequate human, financial and infrastructural resources severely limit the capacity of Parliament”

11 March 2012 Since the end of the cold war and the fall of the Soviet Union, the wind of change towards liberal democracy has been slowly blowing across the African continent, bringing with it much needed reforms that promise economic progress and social development. But old habits die hard, [Read More]


Is President Koroma preparing for a post-elections war?

9 March 2012 When the United Nations lifted its decade long sanctions placed on the importation of arms and ammunition into Sierra Leone last year, many peace-loving Sierra Leoneans in the country and abroad, were horrified at the prospect of a proliferation of military grade arms and weapons, in a [Read More]

News in Perspective

School girls in Sierra Leone arrested and detained for attempting to register to vote

8 March 2012 Just weeks ago, a serious political row erupted between the ruling APC party and the country’s main opposition SLPP, when the later issued a press statement complaining about serious irregularities in the voter registration process. They accused the ruling APC of gerrymandering and sponsoring the registration of [Read More]


Why PMDC opposition leader – Charles Margai must not enter into another electoral pact with President Koroma

Mohamed Kutubu Koroma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 March 2012: The US Republican presidential primaries and the second round of the presidential election in Senegal, have both given me enough reasons to believe that President Ernest Koroma is going to be defeated at the November polls in Sierra Leone. Ernest Bai Korma [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s pro-government media disparages the will of the international community

Sheku Lexmond Koroma 8 March 2012 I have commented several times about the two tier justice system our deceptive President has put into place, simply to punish the opposition, and only God knows when our suffering will end. We want to know when – if ever, will this government condemn, [Read More]


President Koroma’s cross-border shenanigans will destabilise Sierra Leone

Alpha Kawusu 7 March 2012 Instead of focusing on the cross-border exchange of commodities that could inject some life into a dying economy, reliable reports indicate that President Ernest Koroma has over the last month, been involved in transporting ex-combatants and other criminal elements from Guinea and Liberia to be [Read More]


President Koroma’s missing Billions

6 March 2012 Every household struggling to manage its finances, understands that desperate times very often call for desperate measures. And for governments – this may well mean increasing taxation, cutting down on  spending, increase borrowing, or sell reasonable  amounts of treasury bills and bonds. Yet, few governments in democratically [Read More]